Gossip Girl Spoilers: The End of Dan and Rachel?

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Mickey O'Connor of TV Guide has this mini-Gossip Girl spoiler / commentary in the website's Q&A today about Dan and Rachel, as well as Chuck and Elle ...

Q: Please tell me the student-teacher sex storyline on Gossip Girl will be short-lived. Talk about cliché!

A: While "hot for teacher" isn't exactly breaking new narrative ground to begin with, here's my thing: Rachel isn't even that hot, and neither is the chemistry she shares with Dan Ho-Humphrey. So I'm with you, they should put this story to bed, so to speak, as soon as possible. And it looks like they're going to - in a very surprising way.

The bad news: Chuck Bass' hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold from the Eyes Wide Shut party turns up again like a bad penny. Emphasis on bad. And pennies.

Dan and Rachel

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wtf??? how could dan to this to serena?? how can ms carr do that to serena? that slut how dare she kiss dan!!!!! i am so upset!!


rawr. i hate that rachel carr. ewww!


Bad pennies = prostitute


what does he mean about "Bad pennies" concerning Elle? Ick


Good riddance, ho teacher. This picture makes me want to puke. I wonder how they end.


no more dan and rachel? omfg yay!


Dan had just SCORED JACK POT =] now on to his next conqust im really starting to get into this bad wild side of dan!!


Ewww this couple just needs to be over.
Rachel and Elle need to be taken out of the script.


Happy happy! Even if now I'm wondering what will Dan do for the rest of the season? he seems to be the only character we have no spoilers about

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