Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: "Stand By Me"

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The dust has barely settled from last night's emotional roller coaster, but a sneak preview of next week's Grey's Anatomy episode, "Stand By Me," is already making the rounds.

Below, a reluctant Cristina and an ailing Izzie debate the next course of action for the latter's treatment, and Izzie seems to fully grasp what she's up against for the first time.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think ...

[video url="" title="Stand By Me Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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That is what Aussiello said, that Shonda had decided to kill George instead of Izzie. That better not be true after what Shonda put the George fans though this season. I would never forgive her. I love George.


die_lexie_grey-- I don't think Izzie's going to die-- I really don't!!!
I too, love Bailey's new hairstyle!!!


die_lexie_grey: I LOVE Bailey's new hairstyle. It's so cute on her!


I don´t know about everybody, but Cristina Yang is my second best character in the show. The first is obviously Meredith. I don´t want Izzie to die, but according to the gossip, she is the one who wants out, so blame it on her... Why would George die? Of boredom? Am I the only one who just loved Bailey´s new hair style? She looked gorgeous Hopefully Izzie won´t become the new Denny, if she dies, then keep her dead!


Oh I want her to tell George. Those two used to be so close and George has noone right now. I miss them.


!greys : ellen said that she was contracted for 7 years just a couple of weeks ago on the letterman show, so if you don't have any later news about that, don't open your mouth. everyone is contracted for 7 seasons just like her


no, katherine, ellen, and george are only for six seasons...they have all said so.


McSmarty-- Sandra Oh truly is a very talented and remarkable actress. I'm still holding my breath on this storyline with Hunt (I am enjoying it, but still hoping and praying that Shonda & Co. do it justice) and I guess the reason I don't comment that much about her is not that I'm not blown away by her talent, but that I don't relate to Cristina's character quite as much as George, Izzie, Mer or Der.... but she is one of my favorites-- the originals interns on the show + Der & Bailey are my faves.


anuflas-- I think you are right and not-so-right about it being an oncologist's work for Izzie's treatment now. An oncologist should be overseeing her care and come up with the treatment plan. (S)He's gonna be her primary care doc, in a sense, and come up with the best plan and oversee all the parts. But, more than likely, multiple surgeons will be needed. The mole was already removed. So, now we have a lesion on the liver-- probably will need to be surgically removed. The lesion in the brain will need to be removed, or maybe if it is inoperable, the Shephard method might come into play. Cancer is battled best if you can remove malignant lesions and then use chemo and/or radiation to battle what's left that might have been undetected by the surgeon and/or what is in the lymphatic system already. Having had a family member who had this exact same disease (but when diagnosed, none was in the brain yet), surgical removal of lesions and impacted lymph nodes was step #1 in his treatment. But yes, all was directed by and overseen by an oncologist. My ? about why the interns hadn't figured out that she was Pt. X was more b/c they know that they had been doing all those "practice" tests on Izzie-- it's more about that then how emotional she is. I'm wondering when they'll put 2 and 2 together.


Sandra Oh is never given enough credit for her role as Cristina Yang. We focus on Heigel, Pompeo, and Dempsey, but fail to recognize Oh's contributions as significant. The best three actors on the show--and possibly all of television--are: Sandra Oh (Cristina), Sara Ramirez (Callie), and Chandra Wilson (Bailey).

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Miranda: I've lost Hunt and Torres, see I sent them to get Shepherd and ... never heard from them again ... I was trying to solve the Shepherd situation for you sir, but it appears that I somehow made it three times worse.
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