Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Owen Reenlisting?

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Are Cristina and Owen over for good after last week's amazing episode, or is there a chance the couple may find itself back together despite the increasingly difficult odds?

According to E! Online's spoiler Q&A, the Grey's Anatomy fifth season finale features two characters at a military recruiting office. That's an intriguing development.

Is Owen leaving Cristina and Seattle Grace for another enlistment in the U.S. Army?! Could it instead be George leaving Seattle, with Owen with him there for support?

Share your theories on this Grey's Anatomy spoiler below!

Maj. Dr. Owen Hunt

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I think George could handle anything. He decided to take his dad off the ventilator. That is tough. He supported the nusres at the risk of his job. He did open heart surgery when Alex froze. He supposedly does another surgery while Alex again freezes next week. George might seem overly sensitive but he ALWAYS come through in the end and he ALWAYS care. If anyone can handle the army and stay a sweet amazing person, it is George. He is the toughest of them all. If you think he can't handle the army, you really don't know him that well.


I don't think anyone will enlist... Owen has realised that he enough problems from having been in the army, so why go back? George couldn't handle the army, so definitely not. I think it's going to be one of those kind of moments where everyone thinks that Izzie is going to die, so Alex proposes and they get married the same day. Think 'A Walk to Remember'


Couldn't it be Owen and Cristina? Who says it's two males? She could ask him to stay, and he could agree.


Oh George can't leave. He just can't. I'll be heartbroken if he does. Why is Shonda doing this to him? I have missed him all season.


NO TR doesn't want to leave. He only is saying that because those idiots in charge are treating him like crap and giving extras more screentime than him. TR is so talented, it isn't funny, and they treat him like crap. That is why he wants to quit, so yes it is the show's fault. TR has done a super amazing job this year despite rumors he is unhappy. He is way too professional and talented to ever let George become crap. In fact hw has been getting betetr and better. That is the kind of wonderful actor they are treating so badly. George is the show for me. He leaves, I do too.


But if course i forgot about the 3/26 EW interview with McKidd:
"What I can tell you about T.R.'s character is Hunt sees something in him that no one has seen before. Because his character’s been kind of a dark horse this season. There’s an event that happens and I realize there’s a lot more to him, that he has a set of skills that maybe he isn’t even aware of. Hunt starts to mentor him in a way that gets really interesting. So that’s cool to see."


Haven't you all been watching this season? They have been desperate to generate ratings. They have thrown new characters at us left right and center just praying one of them would be liked. All the others were disposed of quickly (anyone remember Sadie?). Owen has re-ignited the show. McKidd is constantly on the talk shows generating buzz. He's not going anywhere. The others I can't speak for. After all, they were there all the while the show has been slipping. Perhaps no one is leaving. THe spoiler said "The Grey's Anatomy season finale features two characters at a military recruiting office." That doesn't mean anyone is being recruited. Perhaps Owen needs to talk to former buddies. We don't know who is stationed at the center or where they came from. Also, Shonda said it would be Mer/Der's wedding day. Cristina and Burke had a wedding day but no wedding. I still think it will be Izzie and Denny's wedding in heaven.


I read somewhere that people were saying Burke could come back after George leaves because then TR and Isaiah Washington wouldn't be together to fight. HEre is the problem with this...Have people forgotten that he laid his hands on MY MCDREAMY?!?!? Patrick Dempsey stepped in to defend TR and IW grabbed PD by the throat and shoved him ?!?!?! He CANNOT come back to Grey's! Don't get me wrong, I actually liked Burke's character for the most part, but NOBODY messes with McDreamy!!! I don't think the cast would want him back.


If George joining the military is the send off for George (and I really, really hope he is staying), I just want it to be a pro-active decision on his part and not a reaction to events around him, such as Izzie being sick or everyone else coupling up or whatever. Quite a few of George's big decisions have been made as a reaction to some other event (marrying Callie after his dad's death, sleeping with Izzie, at least the first time, after a fight with Callie, for example.) I want him to be his own man and make a decision because it is what is best for him, not because he is running away from something or anything like that. It is an honorable decision to become a doctor in the military and I just hope it isn't tainted with anything else.


i mean T.R wants to leave? doesn't he? just like Katherine, they want to leave. They are turning george into a minor character like nurse olivia was...something on that set is going a little fishy, but idk....i have a feeling us gizzie fans aren't gonna like whats gonna happen on the next four episodes with our two favorite characters....

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