Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Owen Reenlisting?

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Are Cristina and Owen over for good after last week's amazing episode, or is there a chance the couple may find itself back together despite the increasingly difficult odds?

According to E! Online's spoiler Q&A, the Grey's Anatomy fifth season finale features two characters at a military recruiting office. That's an intriguing development.

Is Owen leaving Cristina and Seattle Grace for another enlistment in the U.S. Army?! Could it instead be George leaving Seattle, with Owen with him there for support?

Share your theories on this Grey's Anatomy spoiler below!

Maj. Dr. Owen Hunt

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Just because they are at a recruiting center doesn't mean they will join. Maybe this is just useless information that they give us so we stop complaining about not having new information.
As for all you George haters..he is an ACTOR. Which means he needs to act. I see extras get more screen time then him. So if he is whiny (which i doubt) he has that right. He is pretty darn good at what he does, so if he no longer has a job with Greys, I hope to see him in the future doing something else.
As for the wedding. I think its fake. Its a dream, or a hallucination. It took them this long to get to an engagement, i doubt a wedding is soon. Even the Yang/Burke wedding with Burke pushing everything it took the whole season.
And as for everyone who says " If _____ leaves I am not watching greys anymore" Why are you on this site..this is GREYS ANATOMY, if your a die hard fan you will stick with it till the end. Stop whining


i think i may be the only one who doesn't really care if george stays or goes. Yeah, it will be sad that he's not there, being george, but TR KNight doesn't want to play him anyome and i think if they forced him to stay, George would become a crap character. Owen, under any circumstances, cannot leave. he leave, half if not all, the watchers of Greys will be devistated. I will be horrified if the let him leave. No more broken cristina, not nice :(


Shirley, I envy you for meeting T.R., haha. He seems so sweet. Did you get to talk to him? Love that the majority of posters are showing George/T.R. some love. He needs it.


Early April fool's joke? CUZ IT'S NOT FUNNY.


what if it is george and alex enlisting? If izzie dies and alex goes batty and decides to join up.


how can owen reenlist? wasn't he discharged from the military?


I bet it is. They make the George fans wait all summer. Yeah, it will be a good idea if season 6 starts a few months later and George comes back from Iraq more self-confident and more of the amazing doctor we know he is deep down. I'll only be fine with this if he comes back.


I wonder if tthat will be the cliffhanger with us wondering if George is leaving. He better not. He is the main reason I watch.


Yes I love George. He is the best. I just hope he might go a few months during the summer then come back in season 6. We can't lsoe him.


Oh I never met TR. You are so lucky, but yeah, everyone that met him said he was a total sweetie pie even people who are not George fans. I don't believe the diva thing at all. George needs to stay. He always brings a big smile to my face.

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