Heroes Ratings: Slightly Good News

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We need to focus on all the positives we can when it comes to Heroes' ratings.

Overall, last night's episode set yet another low for number of viewers. Only 6.3 million people tuned in.

But the ratings did increase a tad in the coveted 18-49 year-old demographic. So that's a start!

Troubled Angela

By comparison, the night's top-rated scripted show was Two and a Half Men. It garnered 14.4 million viewers.

The main problem is that Heroes is, BY FAR, one of the most expensive shows on TV to produce. Combine that fact with that measly ratings and it makes us wonder if season four is truly guaranteed.

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I completely disagree with PlayNiceGabe. Every volume has had a pretty good plot. People aren't as so much interested in the plot, as they are for giving them a reason to care. Season 1 had a human aspect way of looking at things; ordinary people, who realize they are much more capable of making a difference in the world, than they thought they were. Volumes 2 and 3, had very little of this. It seems that every character, during those volumes, were trying to go the superman route, and thus, not giving anyone a reason to care. With that said-or written for that matter- Volume 4 has brought up some interesting ideas, that I think we can all extrapolate from. It is not always about the plot- though I agree the quality of writing has something to with it- but more with, what perspective you gain. The last two episodes has had a much more grounded and universal approach, I think in credit of Brian Fuller.


I agree with Sylar's Girl howver, if people already gave up on the show, they are not going to waste their money on the dvd's.. Really everyone loved season one that watched it beacuse it had a plot, this season is just heroes running around doing nothing, okay they are trying to save themselfs but everyone is dealing with that.. In order to get the ratings up.. they need to form some type of plot, {Exaple: Season one, they need to stop the bomb}} People tuned in just to see who the bomb was, and if it was going to be stop.. but now there is like nothing, goign for them.. Also the whole Hiro and Peter not having their powers is getting on my nerve!! I don't know how Hiro can get his power back.. but for peter all he as to do is come in contact with Sylar and touch him.. AND BOOM! peter gets all of his old, and few new powers back.. downside to that, he can not touch anyone else that as a power..


Heroes should thank its lucky stars its with NBC. If it were with any other major network it would have been canned at the hiatusof this season.After all, NBC was recently beaten by a channel called Univision in one of the key demographics (just to point out Univision is a drama channel, entirely in Spanish). I'm sure there'll be a fourth season, as on NBC heroes is actually changing between 2nd and 3rd in the 18-49 demo, but as for the ratings, i don't share the optimism as 'Sylar's Girl'


If episodes like "Into Asylum" continue to be released this season will end with a huge bang. At this point it's probably impossible to salvage the ratings for this season, but summer is a great time to introduce people to the show by watching the seasons on dvd - i introduced at least three people to it with seasons 1 & 2 last year. Plus, people who stopped watching it this season can catch up once it's released on dvd and see for themselves that it definitely improved. So if the show gets publicity from the fans during the off season perhaps by the time september rolls around there'll be a new wave of fans, as well as some who may have drifted off in the middle of this one, giving the premier for Volume 5 some big numbers. Start talking about it, people!


I've been monitoring the ratings for awhile now and it makes me kind of sad.. I hope they do begin to increase. Thankfully, Heroes is one of NBCs best rated shows in the 18-25 demographic which is what advertisers pay the most money for. It also has good international ratings and viewership which is definitely another plus. I'm pretty sure we're going to see a 4th season but unless the ratings improve.. it might be the last! They are also trying to cut costs by writing characters out and using less special effects. I still think it's a great show and believe that Series 3 has really improved over the course of the season.


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Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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