Heroes Season Four Spoilers: Already!

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The news that Heroes has been picked up for a fourth season is less than 24 hours old - but the show is already working on storylines for it.

Writer/producer Bryan Fuller told Entertainment Weekly that the concluding moments of the third season finale will set the stage for the fall.

"Basically, the last act of episode 25, similar to what's been done in the past, opens up a new chapter of Heroes. It sets up arcs for a variety of characters," Fuller said, adding that a certain former cheerleader will be focused on:

"We set all the pieces up in terms of Claire's attitude and what her trajectory is going to be in season 4. You will have a very strong idea by the end of this season's final episode where Claire is going and what's going to be happening with the Petrellis."

Claire, Reloaded!

Sounds like Claire will be at the center of season four. Does this make you excited or annoyed?

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What is wrong with you guys? Haydens Character is what makes the show what it is. She is an AMAZING actress, shes adoreable...and i think a season 4 based mainly around her would be AWESOME and i cannot wait for it to air. I love you hayden, and dont worry about what these HATERS have to say about you, your amazing, keep doing what your doing!!!


Claire should not be the focus, shes so annoying, and has always been in the spotlight. Focus on someone else! Someone who has potential to be better, like PETER! Claire is uninteresting! not much of a power too!


She is the only reason that i am steal watching the show!


She is the only season that i am steal watching the show!


NO SHE IS NOT annoying.. She is great.. ... !. . . !.! . . . . .! . .! . . . . . .! . . .! . O.k?


NO SHE IS NOT AN. She is great.. ... !. . . !.! . . . . .! . .! . . . . . .! . . .! . O.k?


wow, I have never seen so many Whiners! if you don't like then stop watching already! quit threatening and DO it already! blah blah blah, never seen such a big group of cry babies!


sex sells - claire needs some eye candy with her!! Girl or boy you pick but they better be cute and sexy!


one clair can die, as long as shes hit in the spot at the back of her neck....two instead of complaing about how its all about her why dont u try to think about why its all about her.we learned in the beginning that theyre all connected for a reason and the pettrellis are the sorce of that reason. angela knows a lot more then we do and shes the key to all of this.is the show progressing a wee bit to slow? absolutely but thats no reason to not watch


i dont mind clair
it annoying how like everyone wants her dead

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