Jessica Szohr Discusses Gossip Girl, Life

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In a recent interview, Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr talked about the show, her love of Hello Kitty, Kohls, and much more. CW reporter Andrew Ramos also asked the actress (who plays Vanessa) about her first gig in the industry and what she does for fun.

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Follow the jump for another interview with the Gossip Girl actress, who turns 24 this month, conducted by The Bachelor and Hollywood 411 host Chris Harrison ...

[video url="" title="Jessica Szohr Interview with Chris Harrison"] [/video]

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@chuckerlover: How positively Aryan of you. Ugh. Jessica Szohr is gorgeous, and her skin complexion is LOVELY. @kisskas: Srsly.


I was just about to ask the same thing. Some people say the stupidest things.


I really like her. I think she's fun and real and she's actually hilarious. I know a lot of people hate her and Ed together, but I think they work really well. Their senses of humor are the same.


putas! todas las tipas!


I am not jealous of Jessica, jealous of what??, I don't find her beautiful at all, I am not an Ed's fan since I prefer Chace and Sebastian Stan, I think she can't act so I doubt she will have a career. I just don't like her interviews, her acting and her fashion style. She is the most average girl I have ever seen on tv.


@chuckerlover: Whoaz, did you really just say her skin color makes her less attractive?


I agree with Kellie. Hating on Jessica just because you dislike the fictional character she plays is lame. Jessica seems like a sweet, normal (for a celebrity) girl - nothing more, nothing less. That's really the only judgment we should be making since we don't personally know her. And I appreciate that she (and Blake and Penn) are keeping their personal lives personal. It's none of our business who they're dating, and I, for one, really don't want to hear them blather on about it. I think it would be REALLY weird to invite strangers' investment in your private romantic relationship.


She was SO loaded in that first interview. Hahaha. Oh my God...I don't know what she was on, but it didn't seem legal! She was definitely flirting towards the end one's that touchy feely with someone they just met unless they're into them. Really...seems like someone's been smoking a little herb and eating Flaming Hot Cheetos. Haha.


her eyes are so pretty
she would look better if her skin was lighter
maybe she would look hotter than Leighton!


shes gorgeous
i like her better with curly hair
she looks more African and unique and not some typical American.1 thing i don't get is why does she always look like she has greasy hair.


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