Leighton Meester: Beautifully In Style

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Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, 22, looks positively amazing in a pretty Fendi dress with pink flower accents in the March 2009 issue of InStyle.

Anyone surprised? We're not. Here's a beautiful photo of her ...

Leighton Meester In Style

The actress who plays Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl says it’s tough to say who inspires her the most when it comes to fashion, but has one person in mind:

“I think it all started with me looking up to my mom. She has great style," Meester admits. "She was definitely out there when it comes to fashion but now I have a bunch of stuff she wore back then. I usually get complimented on them!”

“I do love fashion and I do love clothes," she added. "But to me it’s more about expressing yourself than expressing a designer. I’m not snobby about what I wear as far as designers. I just want to have fun with fashion, that’s what it’s about.”

Check out an InStyle video of the actress' photo shoot for the magazine, and click to enlarge more pictures of Leighton Meester below ...

Gorgeous LM
Always In Style
Leighton In Style

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Is the going to be on Elle and Vogue? Very cool!


everyone already knows i adore gossip girl i have season 1 but this is a beauty


OMG! It was time those pictures were posted. She looks amaizing in all of them. a dreamy and stylish look! love all the clothes and cannot wait for her elle and vogue covers. she will be fabulous on those too!!!


Shes my idol, her whole story is a true inspiration for me. You don't see that too often. Shes a beautiful, talented brunette. I like Blake too, but just from the quality of their acting i do prefer Leeighton. I don't see why people should always be comparing them though.


she looks amazing!


wow she looks sooo beautiful in these pics!




Love Leighton!!! She looks absolutely Stunning!!! Just BEAUTIFUL inside and out....


DREAMY! That's the word I was looking for


shes amazing...love how her eyes look all dreamy...


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