Life on Mars: Canceled!

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Pretty much the worst news you can receive, Life on Mars fans: the ABC drama has been canceled.

An insider told Michael Ausiello that the network has told the show's producers it will not be ordering a second season.

The silver lining is that writers should have enough to time pen a legitimate series finale. Unlike Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone and other recently-canceled shows, ABC will actually air the show's remaining episodes this spring.

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what is with the networks cancelling seriously good shows.


What's wrong with you guys...Life On Mars is the BEST show on TV. It has character, a terrific cast and it's original. Enough with the reality shows. There's so much junk on TV lately, Life On Mars really stands out as a "great" show. You definitely need to think about bringing it back. If you don't I hope another network picks it up and shows you how stupid you were to cancel it. Other NETWORKS, get your bids in, this one is a definite WINNER!


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