NCIS Producer: An Explosive Future for Tony, Ziva

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We hope you're sitting down, NCIS fans.

As relayed to Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan has good news and bad news, both involving Tony and Ziva.

The good news: "The last four episodes of the season are going to be amazing. They will not believe what's in store for these characters. We focus on Tony and Ziva in a way that we haven't focused on them in six seasons!"

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As for the bad news? Remember the character of Michael Rifkin, introduced in the first episode of Season 6?

Brennan says he'll return - and, as a result:

"Something tragic will happen to Tony. Something tragic will happen to Ziva, as well. It's one of those arcs that has been building and building and building for so long that we decided it really deserved to be featured in a big way. It's emotionally and physically explosive."

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I think Ziva makes Tony s Character. They compliment each other well and they bring the best out of each other. I like to watch them interact because the chemistry there is unbelievable. I think it is something that should be pursued just enough in each episode, but not overwhelmingly.


I'm totally psyched to see if Tony and Ziva go together!!! They totally belong together, and the writers are finally putting them together at least somewhat!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!! :D


Guys please don't make Ziva or Tony die, we love them and they should end up together,as somebody said, we still waiting for it, there's ine of the best couples !!


Tony and Ziva need to be together. Couples don't need to be boring if the writers know what they are doing. Look at Hart to Hart or the Thin Man series. Michael and Cote can handle it - they have that teasing loving relationship that is just so much fun to watch.




I agree with you Julie! And, I would not like to see Tony and Ziva get together, only because I like it better when they flirt in the show, and i think that if they actually were to become boyfriend and girlfriend the show would be like a soap opera. But I am anxious to see what happens to Tony and Ziva, and if Tony or Ziva dies, i am deffinately going to stop watching the show.


They cant get rid of tony or ziva


pam you are blind. Tony looks at Ziva the way he looked at Jeanne all the time. Well, not that much, but he has on several occasions. Like when that guy Ziva fell in love with in the orange hat died, they were talking about soul mates and they had a deep conversation and he STARED at her like that. And by the way, Star Trek fan, why are you comparing NCIS with Star Trek? They are nothing alike. And the whole "father, child, adult" thing may work for Star Trek, but the same rules can't apply to every story. Then they would all be the same story with small differences, and how boring would that be? And replacing Lauren Holly with Rocky Carrol was an AWFUL move! He shook up the whole show, and then they tried to go back to underlying issues that had been there before that they must have been saving, but they didn't fit as well with out Director Shepard. And are you saying Cote "has to go" because her face looks different, and it doesn't have to do with weight gain? How the hell does that even make sense? That doesn't mean anything to the show! And I can tell you really get into a show. I mean, who cares about the characters or story, just how successful the show is, and how it follows rules to make it something it is not supposed to be. Star Trek is a si-fi action adventure series, NCIS is a mysterious crime-fighting action series. The only common factor is action, which applies to a lot of things. So with that, I say good bye, and don't use fictional sayings in the real world. It's tacky.


Replacing Sasha Alexander with Cote De Pablo was a great move. Replacing Lauren Holly with Rocky Carrol was another great move.
My guess on Cote De Pablo is that she has a physical problem and is on large doses of steroids, i.e., change in her facial appearance not usually associated with weight gain. Sorry to see it. She is a really beautiful woman. My guess is she is going to go.
Keep in mind: The really successful TV shows used the "Father, child and adult" concept. The original Star Trek is the classic example.
Gibbs is a better "father" than Captain Kirk, Michael Weatherly (Tony) is the "child" and Cote De Pablo the "Adult". Unfortunetly, the writers don't fully understand this concept. Tony is so-so as the child and Cote De Pablo could have been a stronger adult. If you don't replace her, make her a little more like Mr. Spock.
In spite of these weaknesses, I love the show. It's the only one I look forward to.
P.S. So far you have been lucky. All of the weaknesses have been offset with Paulie Perrette. She is the pseudo "adult". Unfortunetly, you can't have two. On the other hand, I could be wrong. Maybe if your writers read the book "I'm OK, You're OK" they can make this the most successful series in television history.
Live long and prosper.


As long as no-one from the cast dies then I'll be happy. Gibbs and Ziva have better chemistry!

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