Scrubs Recap: "My Nah Nah Nah"

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On ast night's Scrubs, Turk proved to Carla he could actually learn something useful from watching SportsCenter!  Turk tried out an experimental procedure on his patient who might never be able to walk again after a car accident.

Meanwhile, Perry and Jordan were having problems when Perry decided to put on his old wedding ring and Jordan surprisingly was angry.  The Janitor was having his own problems with Lady when she wouldn't hold his hand.

Janitor and Lady

Find out how problems were solved in our "My Nah Nah Nah" recap.  But more importantly, check out the quotes from the episode:

J.D.: I am not a girl! What's this show, is it new?
Turk: It's SportsCenter, dude | permalink
Janitor: I never want to have kids, I just want to adopt a short old guy | permalink
J.D. [about Turk]: You know if I was married to him I'd be a lot more supportive
Carla: You know you said that out loud, right?
J.D.: I'm not ashamed of who I am! | permalink

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