Shannen Doherty: Season Finale Bound!

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Shannen Doherty just can't stay away from 90210. (Thank goodness!)

The actress confirmed to E! that she'll be back on the show in a few weeks.

"You're the first people I've told. It is the finale, so you can probably expect a lot of drama," Doherty said.

Kelly and Brenda Picture

What sort of drama?

Brenda was last seen having a falling out with Kelly because she had hooked up with Kelly’s quasi love interest, Ryan.

Because Walsh also revealed she can't have children, the 90210 rumor mill is buzzing that she'll return to adopt Adrianna's baby. We still say this will be the case.

What do you think?

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Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!


Great. Now i can say thank you!


I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!


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1jucx7 comment6 ,


i did watch the old 90210 beverly hills and the new one but what i don't get is how did brenda come back if she dies in the old one you can not bring someone back from the dead i want somebody to give me an answer to that?


I have to disagree with you, LINDA, on the part you said about bringing back all of the original cast members. I mean it's so many of them and what type of story lines would they have? It would be like trying to make a dead bird fly. Dont get me wrong I love Shannen Doherty to all ends, in fact she's my favorite actress. What they should do is bring back some of the original B.H. 90210 producers to spice things up a notch.... I remember reading in another blog about how this show doesn't quite touch on realistic things teenagers have to deal with like homosexuality, online sexual predictors, school bullying, guns and violence, the results of unsafe sex (instead of just a random HIV scare, which conveniently the girl turned out to be negative) like STD s, and so many other things and I thought to myself how true it is. It only glamorizes life in Bel-Air, when everyone's parents are making a six to eight figure salary. Its doesn't really relay to teenagers or children (for that matter) how the world really works. The show is nearly a fairy tale with it little quirks.


The show sucks without Shannen & Jennie.Where Is Kelly's son Sammy?Need to redo this show.Get Darren Starr to do it.We need the originals.Not these jokes.I can't stand Annie Wilson.


I gave up my daughter for this?


How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]