The Bachelor Season Finale: Sneak Peek

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The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick finally makes his choice on the season finale, and he's got quite the decision: To marry Molly Malaney or Melissa Rycroft?!

Making the decision tougher? A visit by ... DeAnna Pappas!

Check out the season finale sneak peek below ...

[video url="/videos/the-bachelor-season-finale-sneak-peek/" title="The Bachelor Season Finale Sneak Peek"] [/video]

What will DeAnna Pappas say to Jason on tonight's finale? Is this all a huge setup to throw us off, or is there a chance she and Jason will be together?

Moreover, are The Bachelor spoilers concerning the finale legit? Who do you want to win of the remaining girls? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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Jason - you are a jerk plain and simple. I do not buy into your stories. You are a grown man with a child and you should have known better then to propose to Melissa when you weren't sure. To top it all off, then to drop Melissa on TV and two minutes later be making out with Molly.... OMG you made me sick. Melissa wasn't even off the stage yet and you are professing (once again) your LOVE for Moly? I think you need therapy.


I do not agree with Jason on switching at the last minute. A proposal is a life commitment and to change his mind after trying out the merchandise makes him look un-stable. If I were Molly I would run for the hills because I would not be second choice. There is always going to be doubt in her mind of his committment. Jason what are you thinking and with what part of your anatomy????


I think Jason will never find what he is looking for because he has no idea what he is looking for. He needs to man up and stop acting like if he picks the wrong girl, it will be the end of his life. I hope Molly is smart enough to run for her life. He needs to just stay single and have a love affair with TY. I have never written in to a TV station before in my life. Jason is an idiot. Hope all the females stay away from him.


i think that jason should give deanna another chance because the saying that if love is true, if you throw it away and its meant to be it will come back. I think that jason and deanna make a good couple


This rumor going around that Jason turns Melissa to Molly after the final eposide that is a bunch of garbage...if i know Jason from the last 2 seasons...he would never do that!