The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick Chooses Melissa Rycroft, Dumps Her For Molly Malaney in "After the Final Rose"

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Tonight on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick finally made his choice on the season finale tonight, dropping down to propose to Melissa Rycroft of Dallas, Texas.

She accepted, and the rest is history ...

... or was, until less than an hour later.

That's when, in the "After the Final Rose" special, we learned that their engagement fell apart almost immediately - and moreover, he is now together with Molly Malaney, the runner-up he spurned in favor of Melissa on the final!

Melissa Rycroft Photo
The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick
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Did Jason Mesnick make the right call dumping Melissa Rycroft?

Do you think Jason Mesnick blew it tonight or did he do the right thing? Was the whole thing contrived - and how much did Melissa know going in?

With an unprecedented "After the Final Rose" special coming up tomorrow, we can only wait and see what happens next. We will keep you posted.

Are you upset by the finale? Comment below!

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Jason your a jerk!You and Mel was perfect,but she deserves better! :(


Good luck Jason & Molly with no sex appeal


WOW...I watched the whole season and didn't anyone notice what a JEALOUS B*tch Melissa is/was. No wonder it wasn't going to work. Jason finally got to see that Jealous side of her, and with Ty having and should be receiving the most attention of his Daddy, that would put Melissa out. There IS allot more to this story we don't know and may never know. Remember how Melissa's parents didn't want to meet him...well I am sure they did once he asked her hand in marraige and how do we know what they thought of him. He seemed like he had comtempt in his voice on the night he broke up with Melissa on live tv...did you notice, his nostrils where flaring (good sign of resentment)...I thought Stephanie was the best for Jason, and I guess she didn't "get him up enough" to go at it further, even though "SHE IS JUST THE MOST AAAAA-MAZING WOMAN I HAVE EVER MET AND BEAUTIFUL"""blah, blah, then why Jason did you not pick her if that was so? She has a baby girl too! Duh! I agree, Jason is a very good actor and I do believe he will end up alone..he dose not seem genuine at all. Molly you have the ball now, pass it on and get rid of Jason, he is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!




I would REALLY like to know the ENTIRE truth behind the Jason and Melissa breakup. I guarantee you that we are not being told everything- not yet anyways. Something happened. Unlike many others, I don't have any harsh words for Jason or Molly. I always felt that Melissa had a dark side. Just a feeling. But I have no harsh words for her either.


Jason S Mesnick
13426 NE 136th Pl
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 825-5834 Here is my info...I want to hear from you guys about what I did


I think there is way more to Melissa than meets the eye. We have all seen these types of people they come off really together in the beginning and then turn into clinging, needy possessive nightmares once they think they have you. I personally think Jason is too kind to say exactly what happened. She had him, he thought he loved her more than Molly. My question is what did Melissa do? How do we know Jason didn't genuinely want Melissa but she changed drastically and left him thinking oh my God I gave up the wrong one. I may be wrong but who's to say without really knowing what happened after the final rose and what Melissa's role was in that.


First and foremost ...Jason is a peckerhead...this whole thing just made me ANGRY..I hear the part where he had to do it ..but on T.V....where is your dignity...If you were a real man with balls...(which obviously your big crying p-----)you would never had agreed to this on T.V....somewhere somehow you should have found a way...Isn't it weird to anyone that before the 6weeks was up he was basically quitting...I wonder if he was the same way with his exwife....when is this man going to grow up....He claims to have been hurt and then turns around and hurts someone in the most humilating way truly have some issues...I can't believe how you handled this ...and I am soooo happy we don't have to see the bullshit crying you do so well...maybe you should start acting for the Hallmark would be soooo perfect there...All I can do now is pray for Melissa because in case you didn't know you little's bullshitters like you that turn nice girls like Melissa to bitches...Yes...this is a huge thing you did to a young are 32 years old if your momma hasn't told you it's about time you act your age not your shoe size imbesol...which is probably know bigger than a want the public to believe you truly feel bad about what was happening took no time ask Molly for a chance...A real man would have broken up with her if he had to because whatever your reasons but to disrespect her like this and ask Molly for a chance so quick...A real man would have respect for the feelings of that person that you cared about....This is what everyone is mad you handled it....Producers might have told you to break up with her on T.V. to make it official...but could you not have waited a few months after then called Molly If it is true love as you claim then it would have been there awhile later...OOOPPPs maybe not you change your mind so quickly or is because you love all the attention your getting from all the shows that have had you after...I just can't believe how you fooled us...and I believe you have gotten a little to big headed for your body..I truly feel sorry for Ty...because how can you teach Ty to grow up to become a real man...when you are NOT...Your kinda like the DEVIL Jason....Your very deceiving...Shame on you for what you are doing or better yet for what you have done ...and know this PAYBACKS ARE A B=---!Know this the devil use to be an Angel from God until he got greedy....You have taken two young ladies....who are at the biggining of there lives and screwd with their hearts...and messed with there minds...Did you not learn anything in your life ...Do you even know what LOVE is...I think Not...what you have is LUST ...another sign from the Devil....Good luck Molly...and Melissa thank God for getting you away from all this...You must be pretty special for God to intercede and take you away from the devils hand...He must have a better plan for you ...You are so special....and True True love will come....Just have faith....Mr Goodguy is out there for you and when meet him you will know this was God's gift to you...I wish you Melissa the best .....and let's face it you gotta feel sorry for Molly she is soooOOo stupidly blinded and being sloppy seconds is never truly winning....besides you are to pretty and sweet and deserves a real man ...not a mommas cry baby!!!If I was Melissas' parents I would want to hurt this guy for doing what he did....If I was Molly's parents I would have some serious issues about him dating my daughter....and my daughter would have been brought home to talk about the mistake she is making...obviously Molly is very insecure to take back this peckerhead so quickly....I can tell you this my husband would not be happy on how this peckerhead handled himself....No respect for Melissa for insulting her and No respect for Molly to have thrown her a bone at the end....What a as Melissa put it soooooOOO perfectly ..B======!!!! ........


For you ladies out there, women can deal with monotony easily, but know that men are different, they love to try new things, and hate to be the back bone and the one taking initiatives all the time. They feel more secure with a woman who has the got to take charge, create, innovate, and those actions are relative to the man’s life style. Remember that they have dreams to fulfill just like you, and the same way you rely on them to make your dreams come true, they rely on you to help them fulfill theirs and make them happy in every way. So if you want to keep your partner, take the lead; not to be “the boss�, but to bring the best out of him every day, and you will harvest happiness. For example, if your partner loves to hang out with his friends and you want him to be around; instead of letting him go to them, invite them over as often as you can to a barbecue, or an evening tea with social games, group camping, or beach parties (asking every one to prepare food and bring necessaries). This is all Molly was about in the entire process, and I give her credit for that. After letting the other ladies go all they felt was heart break for themselves, but Molly knowing she was so ready to make Jason happy, was rather worried that he had repeated his mistake and could be hurt again. Remember that the girls exchanged reflections along the process and they know each other’s mind. We are just viewers behind the walls.


I am not judging any of them, but making analysis and comparison of the three parties’ personality with regards to Jason’s expectations, life reality and human behaviour. There is something that you don’t see Molly was more realistic in her interaction with Jason. Their emotions were not a flash; they grow gradually, and she expressed them in many different ways one step at a time knowing when and how to take further steps. In that short period of time, she put all her cards on the table and gave Jason a preview of what their life together would be if he chose her. On the other hand, Melissa-Jason’s interactions were monotonous, and this kind of relationship is boring and does not take long to fade. On the show set they were offered all the fantasies for free, so it was easy for every one to dream and enjoy, but after the show, was Melissa able to follow up in order to keep the flame well lit? I see her more as a typical woman who waits for the man to give the note; “this is her original personality�. We can even see it in her previous relationships according to her friends say during the hometown visit “her former partner would go hang out with friends instead of being with her, and she went on with it for many years.� Also, there were many question marks about Melissa, besides she said to Jason that she had a breast reduction surgery, and we don’t know what the after-show reality was. There might have been serious discoveries and issues to face in the real life that he did not know during the show process. I am a woman and I am aware that my gender likes to hide important truth to a man in order to win him then let him face fact. Jason was looking for happiness, not problems. I feel that there are pieces missing to build the puzzle that we may never find out to understand the “WHY?�