The Office Spoilers: Unanswered Questions

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Some Office spoilers from E! Online's Q&A session this week ...

Q: Loving The Office this season. Any new info?

A: Last week show runner Jen Celotta told fans that new boss Charles Miner (Idris Elba), who we met in last week's episode "New Boss," continues to not be impressed with Jim Halpert. What? Who wants to live in a world where Jim is not universally beloved?! Not us.

Oh, and speaking of new boss Charlie Miner, Leslie David Baker says that Stanley isn't necessarily going to be delighted with the departure of old boss Michael Scott.

It "depends," says Baker, on whether the new boss is better for Stanley's fortunes. Last but not least, Kate Flannery spills that in the season finale, "We'll answer some old questions."

Like what? Any guesses on these Office spoilers!


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