Three Sneak Previews of "Elevator Love Letter"

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The intense scene from tonight's episode (below), in which Owen succumbs to a bout of combat-stress-induced rage and starts attacking Cristina, cannot be described as "great" because it's so scary, but the performances by the actors are really striking. See for yourself:

[video url="" title="Elevator Love Letter Sneak Preview #2"][/video]

Terrifying scene, but so well done. Thoughts? Reactions? Analysis?

Follow the jump for two more sneak peeks from "Elevator Love Letter" - Derek's proposal not going as he planned (again), and McDreamy talking with Owen about getting help for his PTSD. We also posted the first sneak preview from earlier in the week again below ...

[video url="" title="Elevator Love Letter Sneak Preview #3"][/video]

[video url="" title="Elevator Love Letter Sneak Preview #4"][/video]

[video url="" title="Elevator Love Letter Sneak Preview"][/video]

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I love lexie as a character but I have to agree that slexie is going nowhere. But I can see why they did that though. They want to integrate lexie more into the main bunch so dating sloan's supposed to do that. I have to say I liked sloan/Callie better. anyway, i couldn't hear what derek said at the end of the proposal one. anyone shed some light? Izzie isn't leaving the show and as of now neither is george.
but honestly i wouldn't mind seeing mopey izzie leave. i loved izzie when she was all sunny and optimistic. Then again, my opinion of katherine heigl has diminished of late so i'm biased ;P


Lexie a childish whore?!? Give me a break...she's sweet and unassuming and exactly the opposite of what Mark would normally go after. That's why the storyline is so good.


exactly anika! i agree 100%!!!!!!!


I love how all the characters have grow over the years; but I have to say I love how much Christina has grown the most. She used to be more distant when it came to relaionships. Now, with Owen, she's really shown how different she is now. She's more supportive & understanding then she was when she was with Burke.


I'm with you! Slexie storyline is a bad one, bad bad couple. Mark was great and McSteamy until writers put him with Lexie. I never warmed to the character (Lexie) or Chyler's acting (although the odds scene with Izzie was quite good). It's like they're trying to clone a MerDer and making Mark looking McDreamy. Awfull!


slexie NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!! nastyest couple EVER! mark is sexy and amazing. lexie is a childish whore, lets just let her go.


this storyline rocks.
the izzie storyline totally rocks.
but the slexie storyline is just plain useless. how about we focus on say, george? give him a storyline that doesn't involve him leaving please?


ahhh i noticed that too!!!!!


The proposal was already filmed, PD said it already. Will happen today or next episode. And spoilers said that would be two failed attempts: Addison call makes one, the sneak for tonight show nr2 when Mer says not like this, so the third time would be the one! From the episode title, I would say that the proposal happens today but I've a feeling that the episode will end in that scene, with Meredith reply being left on air. And 5.20 "Sweet Surrender", maybe sweet surrender is her "yes"...

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