i love kevin rather than wyatt,,,,, i want kevin back to private practice,,,,and happily ever after with addison........


I Prefer Kevin i want kevin back !! I love him and he is different like other she is always with the say kind of person, Is she wants a change Kevin is the best change!! I dont like Wyatt!


X-tina, "Sub-par" means below average - CLEARLY not the correct phrase to describe the crossover, because the crossover - as Serena says - had great viewer ratings, and plainly, it was fantastic.


what do you mean sub-par? it was clearly not sub-par, if you look at the polls. and the viewer ratings. sub-par...ha!


I want him back! I love him! What does "sub-par" mean please? I love Kate Walsh!


Didn't hate Wyatt on PrPr but what the heck is he talking about? The crossover with Grey's was not "sub-par" and why would we want to cross a good show like PrPr with the stupid one he's on? Really? Get Addie a new love interest or put Paddison back together, please!

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Having a conscience is brutal.


Lucas's mom is amazing.


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