90210 Spoilers: The Future of Ethan

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It's been confirmed that Dustin Milligan will leave 90210 at the end of this season.

Korbi Ghosh from Zap2It reports that the character will definitely play a role in storylines leading up to this sumer, however.

In fact, look for Ethan to develop feelings for Crazy Pants (aka Silver) over the next few weeks. Dixon notices what's going on and there's a falling out between the two pals.

Torn Ethan

Forget Rhonda. Will Ethan fall for Silver?

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WOW this is soooo gay
things just started to get interesting!
whats going to happen with him and silver?
his character just started to unravel!
He started to change be become a different peroson....how could you kick him out of the next season?! wth
HE's one of the main characters of the show!!!!


I agree, it sucks that Ethan is leaving. I actually LIKED him on the show. BTW writers: Ethan & Silver? GENIUS. Too bad u choose the worst possible moment to actually think of a good idea.


I totally agree they never really explained Ethans character, I do feel like there was great potential for a storyline there. Curse these writers and produces!


How can he leave now???? The writers are just plain lazy if they feel that Ethan's character has run its course and they no longer have any storylines for him after ONE season! What about his family life--we never met his parents so there's definitely potential there...or problems with his brother who we met early in the season and know that he is mentally challenged. He could get injured playing lacrosse or be failing some classes. He could get mixed up with Liam and get into some trouble with the law. God, there is so much that they could do with him...not to mention the whole on again off again relationship with Annie. This is such crap!


wow! ethan and silver


I gave up my daughter for this?


How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]