A Gossip Girl Prom Preview

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Thanks to Maria for sending in this scan from the print edition of Us Weekly of Gossip Girl's upcoming "glam prom gowns." Kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Here's a little glimpse of what's to come in the May 11 episode ...

Gossip Girl Prom Pics

NOTE: We'll be posting a big gallery of pictures from the May 11 episode, "Valley Girls," tomorrow morning. Be sure to check back for those and all the latest Gossip Girl news, previews, commentary and spoilers from the Insider!

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Blair's dress is beautiful. From this pic at least, S's looks so drab. Doesn't look good on her at all.


Blate! They should stay together. And yes, Blair looks fantastic...


Chuck and Blair Blair and Chuck just like it's meant to be!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love blairs dress the most!
I wonder what's gonna happen with Chuck and Blair!
And I agree with Holly. There should be a dance :D CHUCK AND BLAIR!


B is gorgeous.. love it :D
and Nate also looks handsome der.. as always.. hehehhe


i like serena's dress more but blair's dress is stunning on leighton


I like it though that Daman and his team never forget B and S's characters when they dress them. I like to think that S has flowy, light dresses 'cause they want to stay true to the effortless rock-boho glam that she pulls off so well, while B is all about total glamour, uptight, preppy, pulled together, and I love how distinct they make the characters!


blair is so beautiful! can't wait to se what happens with her and chuck! they HAVE to at least dance together! and thank god Nair is over at prom!


Marchesa makes great dresses. If you go to the website, all dresses are well made!


Does anyone seem to notice that Serena's dress all look similar to her previous ones that she wore to other events? It's always very pretty but the design and color is similar - peachy/light tan/. Very pretty though!

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