American Idol Elimination: Matt Giraud

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Do NOT scare us like that again, voters.

While Matt Giraud was rightfully eliminated last night, he somehow found himself standing next to Adam Lambert in the bottom three. We're perplexed and angered by this development.

His Final Performance

Anyway, back to Giraud. He left the stage with classy, appreciative words:

"I'll definitely remember being the cat with nine lives up there. It's definitely not the last time you'll see me. I want to thank Kalamazoo and Michigan for supporting me, and the judges for seeing something in me. I love you all, so, I can't wait."

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well i really like the American Idol, so we don't have to see the same celebrity again and again, good to see something new.
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Geez....more comments about Adam "screaming." Does no one remember Tracks of my Tears...or Mad World? His talent extends so much further than just power-rock. It's my belief that the power behind Adam's voice uses control similar to that of an operatic singer. So few singers can pull that off, and when they do....records are sold! Adam has more talent, charisma, versatility, and potential than any of the other final four. His singing gives me a very good way. I will be standing in line for his first CD. (By the way....this is a 45 yr old woman talking.) If any of the other three wins this contest, they will most likely go the way of Tyler Hicks. Meh. Meanwhile, Adam will have a banging career, win or lose.


Everyone forgets about a 17 year old female that can really sing. Women do not vote for women it is all about who is the looker and not who can sing. Adam is good, but his theatrical type of singing puts him in the class that he is an excellent gay singer who will probably be on broadway and not at the Music awards like Carrie Underwood.


Enjoyed some of Matt's music. Bot OMG Adam just send chill through me. He is unique and very talented. I am just obsessed with this performer and I am over 50. My husband loves him too. I can not beleive he was in the bottom. We must stay on top of this and vote Adam only.


I honestly do believe that Adamn did deserve to be in the bottom last night after his performance. Every week he likes to add his own spin to things,however I think they get worse everytime. I mean yeah the first week he sang, he was amazing, but now I am personally tired of listening to him sing because all he does is whine in the microphone. It was also funny that he just assumed he was safe lastnight, but when he found out he was in the bottom he was stunned. This definitely shook up the contest now, so it should be interesting, I just hope that Adam realizes that anything is possible and if he wants to stay he really needs to do something incredible, and STOP whining.


Personally, I was happy that Adam got a jolt last night, although I'm wondering if it wasn't rigged to add a lot of drama to the program. Adam was getting too cocky and I much prefer Danny Gokey. Danny is real while Adam is, as Simon once said, "self indulgent." I also prefer Danny's perfect voice as opposed to Adam's screaming, which he seems to do a lo.


If Adam would have been voted off I would have quit watching. The others are all great... and all competing for second!