Brothers & Sisters Bids Farewell to Julia

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When Brothers & Sisters fans found out that Balthazar Getty was getting demoted from from full-time cast membership, many instantly thought of his wife.

What about Julia?!?

Last night, viewers for their answer: Sarah Jane Morris' character left fot Seattle with baby Elizabeth in tow.

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The actress spoke to The Los Angeles Times about her exit and her possible return:

Were you happy with how they ended things with Julia?

I was really happy. They could have let it be something that got swept under the rug, but they were kind enough to give me great material. It was a nice farewell, but it was very sad. The one particular day when I had to shoot the dinner and toast the family, I was crying all day. Everyone was very supportive and sweet, but it was definitely emotional.

Will Julia be back?
There is definite potential for Julia to come back. I think they needed to have her go away so that they can reinvent the character. That'll be interesting to see her come back after living somewhere different and being a single mom. I just don't know when that'll be.

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