Chandra Wilson Forecasts "Life-Changing" Finale

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It looks like Shonda Rhimes has been teaching Chandra Wilson the art of the major sell.

During an interview with The New York Post, Wilson said the Grey's Anatomy finale certainly won't let fans down.

"I've been told there are some life-changing things that happen to all of us," said the actress that plays Miranda Bailey.

Comforting Chief Resident

So, what takes place on this much-hyped episode?

"It's supposed to be Bailey's day off, but she decides to come in and take a look at some procedures she hasn't seen in a while, and she gets sucked in with another child who's not doing too well," Wilson said. "But she handles this one considerably differently from some of the children that knocked her off her feet before."

What about the wedding every Grey's Anatomy fan is talking about? Wilson wouldn't give any clues about who is talking down the aisle on May 7.

"We're doing a church [wedding] and we're doing pretty dresses and they've got bridesmaids dresses for Izzie, Christina and Lexie," she said.

Hmmm... bridesmaids dresses for Izzie, Christina and Lexie? Does that mean Izzie won't be the one to get hitched? Discuss!

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can't wait till then!


On twitter Shonda or someone said that merder fans would be very happy by the end of the season. So that makes me think their will be a wedding for them. Also, shonda took down the post that said mer would never be pregnant and said she would not talk about what they are going to do with ellen being pregnant which also gives me hope


!greys - I am an Alex and Izzie fan and I agree it is too early for them to get married. As excited as I was when I saw the photos for that episode, I'm just afraid that them getting married isn't going to turn out well for them. Also, I wish that we got a little bit more of Izzie's feelings for Alex this season. It seems like Izzie had very low expectations for him at the beginning, but he surprises every time. For example, she doubts he can be faithful and he is the one who wants to be exclusive. She doubts he will stick by her when she is a mess and he refuses to break up with her and she thinks he isn't ready to make any kind of commitment and he wants her to meet his mom. So we have seen more of Alex's feelings, I think that Izzie is getting there. I hated the Denny storyline more than I have hated anything on this show, and part of it is because it has completely taken away from Alex and Izzie, which I guess is the point.


there may be a possible twist but i really think shonda understands its time to tie the knot! PLUS doesnt it look like lexie here when mer says "you're in the wedding"? also christina is mer's person, and izzie has always been there for her as well.... who else would have those bridesmaids? however, they can make it to the church and not follow through. im sorry shonda but i could live with christina and burke, but not again with merder!!! what do you think?


its not that i dont like alex and izzie, i'm growing on them, its the fact that they haven't gotten a story with them falling in love and now BAM they're getting married? she basically had the whole season with denny...not with alex, spend next season building this couple and marry them at the end of next season...seriously.


OMG am I ever tired of Dead Denny too. SERIOUSLY I mean he died 3 seasons ago! And don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED him when he was ALIVE. I don't think Lexie and McSteamy will get married yet- it's too soon. Mark isn't the marrying type, he wouldn't get married so quickly even though what he has with Lexie is amazing. I said it before and I'll say it again. Nothing EVER works out for Meredith and Derek! EVER. In this case, I think that this engagement has been so long in the works, like 5 seasons in the works, they wouldn't rush the wedding. I'm leaning towards an Izzie/Alex wedding on the 100th episode. Like in A Walk To Remember, I think Alex and Izzie are going to get married.


Callie - you have every right to your opinion. I agree that people can connect over a short period of time. However, Denny and Izzie never saw each other one time outside of the hospital, never met each others familes or got to know each others' friends when they were together, Izzie had no idea that Denny had money. It is very possible that they would have eventually fallen in love and been happy forever. But, personally, I don't think that they knew each other long enough or knew enough about each other to be able to say that for certain. I liked Denny when he was alive and I definitely saw a connection between him and Izzie. However, not enough to say that he was her soul mate. And I definitely think that George and Alex know her better and vice-versa. She has been friends with both and lovers of both and roomates of both. Denny can't claim any of that (at least not when he was alive). You never saw a connection between her and Alex and thats fine. I have seen a strong one since the beginning, so I guess its just a matter of opinion. They have been there for each other in some of the most emotional and difficult situations that we have seen on the show and they weren't together romantically during either time. And now we have seen Alex be there for her during her cancer treatment. Personally, I don't think thats shallow, but again, just my opinion. The fact is though, that Denny has been DEAD for 3 seasons, and I just don't think that he has a place on the show anymore.


I might be a Gizzie fan, but I think Izzie had a deeper connection with Denny than she ever did with Alex. Her connection to Alex feels incredibly shallow to me. I just don't feel it. The length of time doesn't matter at all. When my mom met her best friend 40 years ago, she said after just one day, she felt closer to her than she did with some people she knew for years. Izzie had an instant lifelong connection with both Denny and George from the first moment she meet them. She and Alex never connected to me. I don't feel it. I might change my mind, but I haven'T SO FAR. I don't feel the love or the connection or the chemistry. Now that is JMO, so I hope I don't get bashed for it.


I don't think that Izzie will be marrying Denny, but I KNEW that he would be back. I'm sure that he will be there to give his blessing for her to marry Alex. Great, just what Izzie' needs. A blessing from a guy that she knew for one month to marry a guy that she has known for five seasons. Thanks Denny, whatever would we do without you? Can you tell I'm tired of Dead Denny :)

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