Confirmed: Eric Millegan to Reprise Role on Bones

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A couple months ago, it was unclear whether or not Eric Millegan would reprise his role as Zack Addy on Bones.

But TV Guide has confirmed the good news:

Millegan will return on the fourth season finale, which airs May 14.

"And it was nice to have him back," Tamara Taylor said. "We all have missed him."

Brennan and Zack

Eric Millegan will have guest-starring competition on Bones, as Stewie is also set to appear on the show.

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I just started watching bones on Netflix on second season 1 st episode and Angela is asl


Zack is one if not the best character on bones please get him back.


I agree... Zack was a cool character... and a much more believable fit in a forensic lab. Kinda' made some of those long-stretch plots a little easier to buy somehow. Ditch Angela, yeah, she can get pretty annoying. Much more likely candidate for assisting a serial killer too. She could have married him after a wild night in Vegas or something. Perhaps Zack wasn't pretty enough. (I do get a little tired of ALL the cops, docs, and forensic types being so pretty on TV... A little more reality please.) So Millegan is a little bit bi-polar. That works too. Couple of years down the road, and I still miss Zack.


they should of gotten rid of angela.


I really wish Zach would return this season. There must be a way to bring him back as a regular. It is a challenge, actually, since he was convicted as a murderer, but I am sure the writers could find his way back in. Many people would love that.


Producers, take note: BRING BACK ZACK! Four interns put together do not equal the fascinating character played by Eric Millegan. Kathy Reichs, please put in a good word to support his return to the series.


Zack(Zackaroni or Z-Man) was a great character. His squabbles and experiments with Hodgepodge were so cute to watch. Wish they would bring him back.


The character Zack is sadly missed . I really enjoy Bones, but honestly that character made the show so much better, everyone fit so well together. Zack should be brought back! Too many characters now that just don't mesh.


I totally agree. Zack's unique and quirky character was a great asset to the show. It seems like they are going through a lot of interns to find a character as interesting as Zack...its not going to happen.They should definitely bring him back as a regular.


I really miss and loved zack.I just hope he comes back permanently.

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