Ding! Ding! Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon Dish on Feud

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The Real Housewives of New York City turned ugly this week.

Or fun, depending on your point of view.

On this week's episode of the Bravo series, Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon finally had it out. The former has declared herself the winner of the cat fight, but let's get to the bottom of this feud, shall we?

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Kelly Bensimon

Are you on Team Bethenny or Team Kelly?

People spoke to each star about what's been going on...

On Kelly: “I have met her no less than seven to 10 times, and she’s a ‘faux-cialite’ — that’s a word that I came up with, and she defines that word. Everybody in high school knew that girl who ignores you until you got on the cheerleading squad. She’s just that girl, and it’s resonating with a lot of people.”

On the feud: “The really funny thing is that she thinks that I’m the one who looked like a lunatic last night! She believes that [her former employer] Page Six Magazine, which doesn’t exist anymore, is the Washington Post. It’s not like we’re dealing with someone who has a full deck of cards. Ramona said it best when she said it’s like she doesn’t have a brain. She’s the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

On the backlash against her: “I’m not feeling beat up. It’s fun. It’s five different women in New York, and it gets a little hot and steamy. What’s wrong with that?”

On the feud: In the middle of that charity meeting, “Bethenny attacks me, calling me ‘Madonna’ — calling me names.She put me in a very awkward position in front of five other women. I was really hurt by that. I don’t even know these people and they’re calling me names!"

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You are old, and leathery. I am 25 and didn't know who you were. I had to google kelly! hahaha. Who the hell are you? Bethenny:
You handled that bar situation with class! At the the end of the day, Bethenny is Bethenny. She knows who she is and doesn't change to please others. I respect the hell out of her.


I don't think Kelly is jealous, I think she is confused by reality.... Bethenny is not jealous of Kelly, she is a tired of her acting stupid.. Bethenny can be rude at times but honest and Kelly can be rude too just she doesn't really know if she is making sense!! God Reality stars!!! haha


That Kelly is so full of herself, and actually no one knows who the hell is she. At least Bethenny build a carrer by herself and became famous without having to marry someone famous.


Bethenny is definitely totally insecure, the main reason she kept going after Kelly is because SHE was jealous and it bothered her that Kelly wasn't impressed with her and didn't fall all over her to be her friend. Bethenny is always demanding to be noticed and center stage, I can't stand women like that. Grow up Bethenny, you are an insecure bully.


Kelly is totally loony tunes. I think that Alex sumed it all up by simply saying that kelly is not articulate, she has no idea how to explain to others how she is feeling about something...also she has trouble understanding the way her actions are making them feel. I honestly cant believe that she graduated from columbia or was hired to write in any magazine. She makes Ramona (crazy eyes) seem coherant and with it.


Ok, seriously now, Kelly who? Who are you?? What "name" of yours is being ruined? Were you really a model? Kmart catalog? I wouldn't be surprised if you attacked (or didn't attack, whatever) your "boyfriend" for media attention. Who do you think you are - supermodel Elle?? Just because you married and divorced her ex, doesn't make you Elle. She is here- and you are here_. What do you mean by that ridiculous scowl you've perfected, is something stuck up your bum? Are you remembering your last rectal exam? AND what is with the hoity toity socialite attitude? Socialite? You are from Rockford, Illinois "Kelly Jean Killoren", not Manhattan. For those of you not familiar with Rockford, it is the armpit of Illinois. On a last note, who in their right mind walks around New York in the middle of the day dressed like that? News flash: You are not twelve. Get a grip, you are over forty you delusional loon.


I find it hysterical and hypocritical of Kelly she is doing something currently in the name of a charity (neuroblastoma) a TOTAL contradiction to "not putting my name to anything" to quote her. And she says she was called a name....having herself compared to Madonna...she should be so lucky! Her mental status is that of "two brain cells and they are ALWAYS arguing!" That is why she is so incoherent. Bethenny is Bethenny...she makes no excuses, and she knows who she is, flaws and all....it makes her real. That is why people identify with her. Kelly on the other hand, had her nose too high up in the air to be relatable. Peace.


Well, since I consider all of the Real Housewives divas, which is just another name for C**T, that Kelly takes the cake. Of all of the phonies, she rules!


I felt that Kelly made a fool of herself when she confronted Bethany. I think Kelly was trying to discredit Bethany because Bethany knows some dirt on her and she doesn't want anyone else to know. Bethnay may be insecure but admits it openly and I haven't seen any married man in her home under the pretense of "cooking" for her.


Kelly is a crazy bitch!
She doesn't want her name associated with
their charity. Who in the hell is she?
She showed she was a low class gutter snipe.