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All Sylar all the time.

This week's episode of Heroes takes a close look at the show's most mysterious, evil presence.

We'll publish a detailed recap of "I Am Sylar" soon after it airs. In the meantime, here's your chance to discuss the latest twists/turns with fellow fans. Visit our Heroes forum right now!

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Neon glo

I keep noticing no one is getting the Norman Bates homage. I love that Sylar is turning that around and making it freaky psychotherapy. Anyway, I'm sorry one of the originals is being killed off. Even those most badly handled by the writers (Peter, Mohinder) are redeemable; it would fit in with the "Redemption" season theme.
I hope Hiro's 2nd big story arc works out better than the first, which was just too far removed. We'd all love to see him become that cool ninja warrior, finally. It does look like the Big Split with Ando is imminent, though. Bummer.
My take on why Sylar wasn't killed by Danko's knife is that the DNA reshuffling has messed with his structure. But what I want most of all is for all those emotional appeals from Elle, Luke, Micah and Mommy to finally turn Sylar toward his own redemption. They all seemed to chip away at his self-loathing. Maybe his presidential ambition will actually be for good instead of evil.
Last note. Claire is too young for Sylar! EEW. Give it a rest!


I love Heroes but not these garbage they're writing I;m watching other shows like Lost Prison Break Alias and 24 they all are better than Heroes!!!
heroes when started was a uniqe piece of art and is still using the credit of the early seasons .
I hate the way they are fucking the show I loved it.they've made a clown out of Hiro and Ando it's clear that they didn't know what to do with these characters peter is gone completely!! no sign of HRGand the gray character nathan is doing nothin all I see is fucking Danko with that ugly pathetic face he;s an asshole the show is gone guys I'm sorry


Sylar really is badass but I'm wondering how he didn't die when danko stabbed the back of his head.....was the knife not long enough? seeing Nathan confront Nathan (Sylar) was also surreal and the fact that Micah turned Sylar good for a few hours was an achievement in itself. I can't wait to see what happens in the finale! This episode was really really good, makes me wish we had more like this the whole season. It ranks right up there with the episode based on HRG. It definitely had a season one feel to it-It felt like the Heroes show we all know and love. So will Sylar be killing Danko to start of the season finale? I wouldn't be surprised. Also, I'm betting some real shocking events happen in the Finale. Question is we already know Nathan will somehow get safe enough to team with Peter and that Sylar will have time enough away from the confrontation and hunts to sit down with dear miss claire

The pyscho

Well Sylar is definietly like a step or too from being complelely cosumed by insanity, u can tell hes not insaen yet, b/c he let micah go, but he is very cloes to crossing that line.
And as far as nathan goes i dont think he will die, but then agine......., i really like that this ep, was sylar finally making a choice, now as to what that choice was we might not know till next week. but it was freakin awsome, i freakin love sylar, hes almost like The joker, in a diffrent kinda of madness.


this episode had my heart racing...lol an ohter good one in the books..


OMG I HATE HOW SYLAR MAKES ME HATE HIM THEN LOVE HIM (saving Mika) THEN HATE HIM!!!! and hes such a total creeper for talking to himself (or his 'mom') great episode i loved it =D NATHAN DONT DIE! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! (sad cause i kno he does) (i cried cause i though he was gunna die tonite lol i actually cried)


Holy crap, the promo teaser for next week was better than the episode (which was good)! I can't wait!!!!


oh boy...
looks like there is no escape for good old nathan now.


Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

Hiro Nakamura

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