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Happy Thursday afternoon!

Just a few more hours until a new Grey's Anatomy airs, with plenty of drama in store for us in "No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)." Izzie's mom comes to town tonight, as does Meredith and Lexie's estranged father, Thatcher, and an intriguing new patient.

Will the Grey girls make amends with their dad? Will Izzie's condition continue to deteriorate? And how will a shooting patient spark a fight between the Chief and Mer?

Check out the spoilers, photos and previews we've posted for a primer on the episode. What are you most excited for - and hoping happens - on Grey's Anatomy?

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OMG, i found it !!!! This is the link of my favorite song http://www.myspace.com/rolloar... The thieves - turn and turn again , yey :)))))))))))


Alana, thanks so much. It means a lot that even the Alex and Izzie fans want the Gizzie friendship back, not just us. I am sad about their romance ending because to me they are meant to be, but I could live with it if he was at least her best friend again. Helen, I adore MerDer and loathe Mexie too. It is such an insult that they are trying to sell awful Mexie as the new MerDer. As if! MerDer is a billion times the couple they are! Izzie's mom is so funny. I love how much she loves her daughter. I wish we saw more of George and less of Lexie, especially if George is leaving soon. I love him.


It is very clear to all of us why we adore MerDer and the Chief and ehy we loathe Slexie. Why on earth on this fantastic episode do we have to put up with idiot and disgusting Slexie???? Where is superb Bailey and Christina??? So much time on Slexie??? It's a shame, they ruin everything. MerDer and the Chief deserve Emmy


Izzy and her mom were so sad. And Alex is just so sweet. Loved Mer & the chief too. Miss Gizzy, though :(


I loved it! Wow, the episode was just lovely. Of course, my favorite would be the exchanges between the Chief and Mer...wow, that was intense...and Richard admitted some pretty honest stuff, that he knew what was going on with Mer after he left Ellis...that he saw that she was neglected and no one was standing up for her, that she became a messed up person because he left Ellis and Ellis went nuts after, not caring that she had a kid and a husband. Wow...made me cry a little, and her gesture...giving him her mom's diaries because he needed see all that, the good and the bad he'd put Ellis through. Once again, Wow... Owen and Christina weren't too bad either, the "Take care now" was just a little funny at first but then when she confronted him for being so weird around her. That his therapist won't let him tell her that he loves her because he knew he's not ready before and he just dove in a relationship with Christina and she had to deal with his issues. That was so sweet...her saying "Take care now", it's a little substitute for I love you. It reminds me of Princess Bride, when he always says "As you wish". Lexie and Mark...pretty good, her father coming over and how she wants him to meet Mark. Mark, the unpredictable guy that he is, actually went to dinner with them. I do understand why Lexie could forgive Thatcher but Mer couldn't...Thatcher was there for Lexie all through her life even though he became an alcoholic when his wife died. Thatcher wasn't there for Mer so she couldn't forgive and the Chief told her some stuff that made it better. Izzie...of course, still sick. Too bad for Alex, she has a pretty amusing mom...and she doesn't have a clue that Izzie is dying. Callie and Arizona...still going pretty strong, I hope Arizona is worth that trust fund though. Very cool episode. Can't wait for next week.


What an amazing episode. How gorgeous was Derek in that tux?!?!?!? Ellen Pompeo SSSOOOOO deserves an emmy. She is the best!


Anne, I agree. I am a total AI shipper, but I adore the friendship with Gizzie and miss it. Just to let you know, most AI fans I know want that friendship back. George is Izzie's Cristina. It is so wrong they never talk anymore. I miss that.


Also, last night's episode was incredible. I was disappointed that there wasn't as much humor as in the last few weeks (I like the drama interspersed with laughter!), but it was so good that I couldn't be upset about it. The scenes with Meredith and the Chief... superb. And how cute was Derek with his new haircut and modeling the tux? I was not sure how I felt about Lexie and Mark at first, but I have really grown to like them together. Who knew that little Lexie Grey would be the one to transform Mark after all his years as a manwhore?


In the promo that showed Cristina walking down the aisle and stepping up onto the altar, the back of that groom's head is DEFINITELY Alex. I'm a die-hard MerDer fan, but even *I* don't want to see them get married like this. It's not THEIR wedding. It's Izzie's. I would rather wait and see them get married in THEIR way, even if it means having to wait a bit longer. Also, Izzie is a goner. Not sure when, but I am now completely convinced she is going to die. I wouldn't be shocked if it happens before the end of the season. Perhaps the Alex/Izzie wedding that takes place next week isn't even real, but one last grand hallucination for Izzie before she passes away. She's just SO sick, I can't imagine that she'd even be well enough to go and walk down the aisle. And if Izzie dies, I think that's probably a good explanation as to why Meredith & Derek wouldn't get married right now. Should be interesting to see how it plays out over the next couple of Thursdays!


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