Gossip Girl Caption Contest 45

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Welcome to the 45th Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is yalieforever. Congrats! Honorable mentions go out to EC and Kami. The winning entry appears below, with the full list of captions further down. Awesome job, everyone. Thanks for playing and good luck again this week!

A Happy Text

"Ooh! Gossip Girl blast about Nate, six missed calls from Blair, some message from Dan about our long-lost sibling... wait a minute, this phone is so shiny that I can see my reflection - WOW!"

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Serena: hey!! the girl in gossip girl caption contest 45 in gossipgirlinsider looks just like me!!


Serena: wow... Dan and Rachel's sex-tape is fantastic!! *Sigh* I taught him everything he knows!


aw, blair and nate look good together! maybe i should try to sleep with him again....(:


Ha Ha...I really wish I knew how to turn this on...


Serena thinking: Ahh, my reflection is so perfect..i should take a picture of myself


Serena: Call Blair.
Blair: (picks up) Hello?
Serena: B. I'm leaving for Spain. Please, see if Jenny forgives me? Even though it's her fault.
Blair: And when will I be seeing Little J? It's not like the Humphreys come over to my house every day for breakfast.
Serena: FYI, they don't come on Thursdays.


Serena: hehe...there's my dildo


SERENA: Why wouldn't Dan talk to me? I just ranted about my life to him for more than half an hour and what does he say? He says nothing! He must hate me. And--oh, wait. Oops. Heh heh. I guess I'll have to charge this thing when I get home...OMG he doesn't hate me!!!!
DAN: No, actually, I WAS ignoring you. Your phone isn't dead; the screen just gets dark when you don't press the buttons for a while.


YES! One new text! I'm POP uuuu LAR!!!!! :)


yes! playboy accepted my submission finally.

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