Gossip Girl Caption Contest 47

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Welcome to the 47th consecutive edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest! Who took home the Insider's coveted Caption Contest title this week?

As always, it was a very tough call, as we receive so many awesome replies. But we chose BillyBoy as this week's winner. The caption appears below!

Honorable mentions go out to JJ, lola and Marilynn. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again in this week's all-new Caption Contest!

Blair and Dan!

B: Are we there yet?
Dan: Connecticut State Community College? Looks like it's your stop, B. Dorota - on to Yale!

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Dan: Blair, did you just fart?
Blair: I'd rather not talk about it.
Dan: (thinking)That's something Gossip Girl would like to know.


Dan: (whispers) Blair i told you I'm allergic to feathers !
Blair: (smiles) oh i know, this was to make sure you keep your distance.


Dan: Lady Blair where have you been..
Blair: I went to London to visit the queen.
Dan: lady Blair what did you there.
Blair: I scared the old bitch right out of her chair.


Blair: Hmmm. Humphrey sort of looks cute in that Bass-like bow-tie....what am I saying? Focus Lady Olenska Focus!


Lonely Girl and King D


Dan : where to miss ?
Blair : to the Bassian desert... uhhh i mean the Vanderbilt Promised Land.


thanx to those who liked mine =]
here's another one : Blair: Humphrey, i can feel your eyes burning into my soul, what ?!
Dan: well i uhh think you should know--
Blair: stop right there, keep your nasty little thoughts to yourself, im not interested !
Dan: that's nice to know but what i was really trying to tell you was that Jenny was the one who designed your hat/fan and i thought you should know she made it out of a family of pigeons to get back at you for all the times you put her through hell. so you might wanna get tested for hepatitis.


Dan: Where to madam?
Blair: To the stars!
Dan: I had no idea you felt that way about me Blair!


Thanks to everyone for the nice feedback. It inspired me to post one more... (is this illegal?): D: Blair, I know we've had our differences, but I just wanted to tell you to break a leg.
B: Get any closer Humphrey and I'll be breaking more than just a leg...


Gossip Girl: I wonder how a fairytale would work out with this poor lonely Brooklyn boy and this rich Upper East Side lady. Polar opposites do really attract now, huh? But wait. Let's not forget about Serena and Lily. They're from UES too, right?

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