Gossip Girl Photos From "Seder Anything"

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Below are some promotional photos released by the CW for the April 20 episode of Gossip Girl, "Seder Anything." We've seen some promos for the episode, but these images will provide us even more of an idea of what's to come. Well, kind of at least.

Click to enlarge the pics and tell us what you think ...

Handsome Young Archibald
Serena and Gabriel Kissing
Cyrus Rose Photo
Blair and Nate's Grandfather
Making His Move
Just Friends For Now
The Happy Couple
The Perfect Couple?
Blair and Serena Photo
Dinner with Blair

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I agree with the inconsistencies. In the pilot, Chuck talks about his "parents" in a scene with Nate when they were walking to school. I thought Chuck's mum is dead...


haha Misty


Family is a huge deal and a major part of character development on tv and IRL, so consistency in the things I mentioned above are extremely important. That's why they really bother me. But anyway, all people care about are stupid CHAIR or whatever so I guess it doesnt matter. They should just have Chair get together on this season's last episode and then cancel the show.


In the books, Serena's parents are TOGETHER.


Misty, totally agree with the inconsistencies. Logistically though, I realize it would be difficult to get some occassional actors to come back for background, i.e. Aaron, when they aren't a part of plot lines. Eric, well, he's not really a part of the core cast, though he is brilliant and insightful and a heck of a lot less annoying than Jenny. But Jenny was a major char in the books, and fits in more with the demographic that the show is aiming for.
Eleanor and Cyrus, am guessing are on their extended honeymoon. Though I think it SUPER sucks for Blair to have gone through so much crap this year without the support of either parent. Merely their heavy handed judgement...
S & E's dad, that really needs resolving. Anybody know if it was dealt with in the books? Supposedly someone is being cast to play Keith van der Woodsen in the spin-off, of that gets off the ground, but that's all we know from the TV world...
Nate's mom probably wasn't at the reunion for the same reason Nate didn't want to go. She felt slighted and/or ashamed by the way the Vanderbilts treated them during the Captain's screwups... It's more the development and maturing of characters that is built up over a season and a half that is totally unravelled in a few eps that bugs the hell out of me (ie Chuck's screw up after screw up of late - get your act together, idiot!!!!) I gave up, but decided I needed to stick it out until season's end for a least some weird kind of closure... hope I get it, if not my heart's desire (CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR!)


I really dont like the writers of this show because they are incomprehensibly INCONSISTENT and dont foster relationships whatsoever. For examples:
1) How Eric disappears all the time.
2) How Eleanor and Cyrus disappeared.
3) Not ever ever mentioning Serena and Eric's dad. I mean, HELLO!
4) Aaron is Cyrus' son, so even tho he and S brokeup, he should be at future family gatherings but I bet he wont be! Again, another INCONSISTENCY.
5) So Nate's mom's side of the fam has a reunion. Ok, so WHERE THE HELL was Nate's MOM at the reunion??? SIGH. This show sucks. About to give up on it.

Blair cornelia archibald

Blair and Nate are for the win.


nate and blair are so boring.... in the picture of them together they are one body apart of each other.... so much passion


Chuck, Chuck, where for art thou Chuck? Deny thy Blair, and look where it got you? Hurry back young chap, we miss you.


Blair = Nate's girrrrrl!

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