Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair, Chuck and the Prom

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Below are a couple of quick Gossip Girl spoilers from EW's Michael Ausiello in his weekly column. Give them a read and tell us what you think - in particular the first:

Q: Scoop on Gossip Girl please.

A: First, a correction about something I said last week. Turns out, Chuck does not try and sabotage Blair's campaign for prom queen. It's actually just the opposite.

Q: Any Gossip Girl season finale scoop?

A: The episode revolves around the gang trying to smoke out Gossip Girl.

Miss B-having

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he's making up for the time he tried to sabotage blair's interview !!! remember ???
awwwwwwww (again)
he wants her to be happy


awwwwhh(L) helping her become queen even though shes with nate! too cuute, he really does love her :)


It would be awesome if Chuck became Prom King! Its weird, there's so much drama and they all act so much older, we forget they're in high school. Chuck, seeming the oldest of all of them due to his "underage boozing and womanizing" would make a really funny Prom King because we wouldn't expect it. Also, it'd be cool for him and Blair to be king and queen :-)


I would be laughing ecstatically if Chuck became Prom King. That would be hilarious; he's not exactly the stereotype. GG hasn't exactly been known for keeping the stereotypes too straight, tbh.


Her crown has a butterfly on it. Nuf said. I didn't even notice! Good eye!


i just noticed whenever chuck tries to ruin blair
everyone just gets pissed off at him
but whenever blair tries to destroy chuck n
no one gives a crap
that was completeley off topic but


Why are we all so sure that Chuck will help her campaign? It says "just the oppposite," but there can be many opposites for different ideas. What I immediately thought of was Blair sabotaging Chuck's campaign to be Prom King (possibly so he gets to dance with Blair, etc) NOT him helping. It's MUCH more likely that those two be confused (Chuck sabotages Blair vs Blair sabotages Chuck) than Chuck helping vs sabotaging Blair. Just an idea, but either would be cute! (Go Chair!)


On another note, Blair's dress is absolutely splendiferous. And Nicole, I would be laughing ecstatically if Chuck became Prom King. That would be hilarious; he's not exactly the stereotype.


Blair Cornelia Archibald, look at the post of the first clip of "The Wrath of Con." In it, several people compliment Nate, though they are Chair-lovers. As for me, I am a die-hard chair fan. I happen also to hold Nate dear to my heart, even though I am not a Nair fan. Granted, I've been a little ticked with Mr. Archibald this entire season, but I respect Nate more now, especially after some of the sneak peeks. I find your "so screw it" comment unnecessary and offensive. Did anyone use insulting language towards you? Aren't you proving whalesweater's points correct?


i'm not sure if i am the "nair hater" you are addressing (i should hope not sice i was and have been pretty clear that i DON'T hate nair or people who support them) but if you want to read multiple chair fans posting that nate has done the right thing just go read all the comments people wrote about the sneak peak of the conversation between chuck and blair. there are a lot of self identified chair fans saying nate was awesome in that clip and is doing the right thing. just because you've "never heard it" doesn't mean it isn't true.

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