Gossip Girl Spoilers: More Finale Scoop

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This scan from the print edition of TV Guide was sent in to us by a reader, and gives us an idea of what we might expect on the Gossip Girl season finale May 18.

Stephanie Savage's response to the question below makes it pretty clear how things are going to end up in one respect, right? As for Serena vs. Gossip Girl ...

All bets are off there. Read below and see what you think:

Gossip Girl Graduation Pic

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Serena's GG-witch-hunting sounds really interesting too!
It sounds like season 3 will start very promising (and with better ratings hopefully). Let's hope Stephanie and Josh won't mess everything up again till mid-season, as they did with season 2.


I can't wait for CHAIR so yah most important thing but I'm really lookiing forward to the NJBK and G and poppy and garbriel!!!!!!!!!!
Just a ?
But does anybody else think that G has sided with P and G Xoxo


I'm so excited (l)
I can't wait!

Karina  bassdorf

:| its coming to an end its so sad :|
oh god, i think one death is enough. no more.
but looking foward to Serena vs GG hahaha will be fuunny


:o graduation already! so sad
cant wait for chair! :D


Im SCARED! it's the graduation day! Did u guys remember wht happened on The OC? I hope this time nobody got killed xDD xx


this will be monumental:))cant wait Blair and Chuck as a couple


wooowww, can't waith for chuck to say those 3 words! chuck and blair will make the episode!


three words...eight letters..that sentence just gives me goosebumps as we all know the significance that lies behind it. I'm so excited this whole season has just built up towards that x

Luci marlena

would love to see serena take on gg lmao that would just be funny since we all know blair is the bitchy schemer
awww 3 words 8 letter *swoons* chuck and blair, blair and chuck perfect
looks good!!!

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