Greek Spoilers: Season Finale Cliffhanger

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Greek only just recently returned with its second half of its sophomore season and already we're getting Greek spoilers about the season finale!

Scott Michael Foster (Cappie) recently revealed to Ausiello Files that "The finale has a really good cliffhanger and Jesse McCartney plays a really big part of that cliffhanger."

Foster continues to explain, "It has a lot to do with him and Rusty .... I guess I get some action, too. In my women's studies class I'm the only guy, so the ladies are like sitting ducks. Of course, he will always be at least partly stuck on Casey."

So what's Casey's story while Cappie is busy getting some?  According to Spencer Grammer, "She gets a lot of action ... from multiple sources.  Cappie is her soul mate, but she's young and she doesn't always see that."

Scott Michael Foster as Cappie
Spencer Grammer as Casey
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o my good they are so cute to bad that they aren't together in real life .i love so much cappie and ktt house .casey is a good president and ahleigh a good friend.also the end of the greek is so dramatic and happy end .


she doesn't see that because she's stupid!! he's sooo much hotter than max!! and he loves her!! they are meant to be!

Greek Quotes

Some love stories are short stories, but they are love stories all the same.


I do not go to the gym five times a week for my health!