Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Lexie and Meredith

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We spent a lot of time theorizing on Mer and Der, Owen and Cristina, and of course George and Izzie, but what's ahead for the Grey sisters on Grey's Anatomy?

You know how when sad dad Thatcher Grey swings by Seattle Grace, he almost always stirs up some sort of trouble or angst, TV Guide accurately notes today.

But amazingly, his April 30 visit will apparently bring Meredith and Lexie closer together. That would be nice. How do you think his visit will accomplish that?

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wow id love to see Meredith and Lexie closer as sisters. i have a half sister and i know how hard it is to communicate and accept them when you hardly know them...
but i am curious why their father would pay a visit... hmmm...


well, he's an alcoholic so maybe cirrhosis and needs a liver transplant. but since he drinks, he may not be eligible. idk how that process works...


McCynic, on April 30 will be aired episode 99. The 100th will be aired on May 7. Susan was ok. Tatcher is bad but was an important character to explain some of Mer past issues, imo. Maybe now will be a closure and he'll be off for good...


I've never liked Thatcher. From the first time he appeared, I already kind of hated him. I like his wife better.


Alrite who wnts 2 bet we see Thatch come in in anothr drunken stupor + the girls get fed up enuf tht they try 2 help him + also refuse 2 c him unless he gets help 4 his issues? Grey's RULES!!!!


I don't like Thatcher either, especially after he hit "my" Meredith (I love her and Ellen herself), so I truly hope she won't invite him to the wedding, if there's a wedding to go to that is ;)
We just have to wait and see... can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ditto Gloria. I am totally with you on that.
I don't think that was ever appropriately dealt with and it always makes me more angry that Derek didn't defend Meredith when Thatcher hit her. A man hitting a woman, ESPECIALLY his own daughter, no matter how drunk and devastated he is, is never ever ever okay. Yes he apologised for his 'behaviour' from 'the last time he saw her' when he came to the hospital to have his hand stitched up but that was so not good enough. If Meredith invites him to the wedding I'll be disappointed.


Look, I can't stand the man. Everytime I see him I see him slapping Mer. If he's coming because he is sick, PLEASE, PLEASE let him DIE in that one episode. I cannot bare to see him any longer than that. I still get sick everytime someone mentions his name. I can't even watch that episode. I'm SOOo over thatcher!!! He does not get a pity party from me!!!!


Isn't this the 100th episode? With the wedding(s)? Or is the following one? Any thoughts?


The only time I can stand Leexie is with George or Mer, so I hope we do get a great story between the two sisters and that she and Mark finally break up. They just aren't working. I'd gladly get rid of Lexie to keep George though.

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