Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Thatcher's Return, Wedding Update

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How will the return of Thatcher Grey (Jeff Perry) in this week's episode play out for Meredith and Lexie, who just endured the feuding of their significant others last week?

Check out this excerpt from TV Guide's spoiler Q&A today and see what you think ...

Q: I adored all of the "McFamily" scenes last week on Grey's Anatomy. What's next for Mark, Lexie, Meredith and Derek?

A: For Mark and Lexie, much cuteness is on the immediate horizon. I mean, as much as Thatcher Grey makes my skin crawl, the way things play out when he returns is better than I expected.

For Mer and Der, there's the none-too-small matter of a stern ultimatum coming from the bride. As that gets sorted out, the would-be marrieds will find cause to fast-track their wedding, so get to updating that website, Izzie!

Jeff Perry as Thatcher Grey

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It definitely looks like the person in the promo photo on the gurney is wearing scrubs.


In Season 4, Meredith discovered with the help from Dr. Wyatt that when Ellis told her to be "extraordinary", it didn't mean being a surgeon, it meant being the woman that Ellis couldn't be (mother, wife, and doctor in all). Meredith is determined and I think that she and Derek will be able to work out having a baby. I think Meredith being pregnant would be a great storyline to write and I think that it would be a great dynamic to add to the show.
As for Meredith being stable, I think she's proved herself in the past few episodes with everything that happened with Derek.


I think from Auseillo's spoilers Yang finds out she is pregnant so doubful Mer is aswell.


Baby of course!! and by the way we don't want to see Slexie any more especially in the wedding. How can Slexie be forgiven by MerDer???? It's outrageous.


Why does everyone think a baby would be a good thing? It would make Grey's less about the medicine than it already is, and about Meredith trying to deal with having a child. That is a terrible situation to be in as a resident. I'm a married pre-medical student, and even just as a PRE-med student I would have an abortion if I ever got pregnant between now and completing residency. Way to crazy for me, and Meredith isn't stable to begin with! God no. Don't make her pregnant.


Maybe Izzie is getting sicker....


Liz exactly, If it was Derek, Meredith wouldn't look freak out, she would've look devastated, and she wouldn't be treating him. She look freak out because the accident looks horrific, not because Derek is hurt. :)


Where is this promo picture at??
I hope it isnt Der. I love the website Izzie has made!!!!
Mark & Lexie are adorable together, I'm glad they are both in the wedding now. Mer needs to be a little forgiving about Der & Richard... they are friends and Richard cares about Mer. Hopefully that gets settled soon, and not too bad!! AND I HOPE THEY HAVE A BABY!!!!!!!


BTW if you see the promo picture of the accident victim you can see that he going to need a neurosurgeon and also if were Derek Meredith wouldn't be in the picture with him looking all find.


No I don't think is Derek, because they wouldn't release the promo picture of the victim, if it was Derek. I don't think that none of the dream in the SP are going to come true. The SP was about how real life was more interesting that dreams. When it said that talents of Seattle Grace's doctors includes Derek he the most talented.

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