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We really had high hopes for this episode of Heroes.

But "1961" never seemed to fulfill its promise, as there were too many plot holes (why, exactly, couldn't Alice accompany her sister on the escape years ago? Because the storyline required her to stay behind?), as well as an overall pointless feeling when the hour ended:

Angela brought everyone to Coyote Sands, making such a big deal out of reuniting the family... for what purpose? How was that plan ever supposed to affect the ongoing issue of Danko and Sylar? It just never came together for us.

How about you? Read our detailed recap of "1961" if you missed it and please write in and let us know what you thought of this installment. Did the light shed on Angela's past seem worthwhile or useless to you?

A Family Dig

What did you think of the developments at Coyote Sands? Talk about it now in our

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heyy, so me and my sister are HUGE heroes fans, we try to figure things out befor they happen and i think im on to something, she dosent but i thought i would ask you guys. so in this episode it shows three guys that are hitting on angla, do you think maybe one of them could be clares dad?


I really liked this episodes. It explained things from previous seasons and it built the foundations for the next season. The script was well written the actors well directed. Very good in my eyes. I agree with Abrown2382, you complain about so much and contradict your selves so much! This has been the best season so far, yes the ratings are down but that could be a number of things, should be put on a different day I think. but stop slagging this show off because its doing very well! The episodes in this season are so well written.


I always suspected Charles had mental-based powers, because of the clues in Season One. It's just a shame really, because Matt's dad was telepathic. I wanted more diversity from the Company founders. Who would win in a telepathic fight between Charles and Maury Parkman?
Its a shame the episode didnt reveal more Company founders. Theres still a few more to go.


I enjoyed this one....finaly a reason for angela's sock fetish..lol and i was thinking about Charles Devue's power..maybe he was a sponge like peter was,absorbing everyones powers?


Thanks Courtney, I was just thinking that.
I wonder if the government has Nathan's DNA on file or something? Then Danko would be able to get it for Sylar. Presumaly he could morph into Nathan by touching something as simple as a hair or some blood... anything that came off Nathan really.


Another question. So does Sylar need to touch the person he shifts into? 'Cause if so, when did he touch Nathan? Am I being forgetful,'cause I really don't remember him touching Nathan recently...


This is a foundation episode. It seems like it has no arch and was pointless, but hopefully after future episodes we'll look back on this one and enjoy it a lot more for what it set up and what it did inform us that we can't understand now.


@Sezza80 There's one more thing that has slipped away from this convo: they were not fleeing. They retreated to discuss Angela's visions. Angela obviously planned to go back since she said "Alright, let's get Alice some socks then return to the camp." just before the radio aired the disaster. So yea, it wasn't very clever to leave her sister behind especially after dreaming that Suresh kills everyone. But it looks like the group's plan was to avoid the massacre in the first place. Angela obviously didn't think it would happen so fast.


You guys have to remember that "plot holes" contained in this episode may be filled in and aexplained in those contained in the future, as some previous ones have been.


You guys have to remember that "plot holes" contained in this episode may be filled in and aexplained in those contained in the future, as some previous ones have been.

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