Heroes Spoilers: The Future of Nathan/Sylar

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On this week's third season finale, Sylar died. For the most part.

Nathan also died. Kind of.

Now, the pair share one body, as Sylar has been brainwashed to believe he's actually Nathan. Following along? Adrian Pasdar is, and he's thrilled with the direction of the show.

"Zach's not done," the actor told TV Guide. "There's Nathan, there's Sylar, and there's the point of view that you have to factor in. If I look up into the mirror, who would I see?"

Dangerous Games

Looking down the line, the storyline sets up an epic internal battle between Nathan and Sylar next season.

"Who's going to be able to control the actions of the body?" Pasdar asked. "Like one of those computers that self-teaches, the longer he stays in my body and the longer he assimilates my physical structure and DNA, the more control I get. So it becomes a battle of who's in charge."

But what about the fact that no one ever, actually dies on the show? Doesn't that remove any and all drama?

"Some things should stick, otherwise there's no weight if you're going to reset everybody's history every 10 minutes, and nobody's going to pay attention anymore," Pasdar said. "But as fascinating as concepts might be, ultimately it's people that engage viewership. If you're going to ask people to tune in week to week, you want to follow somebody's plight, not some nameless story arc. We've tried to be consistent - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But I think we're going to come out on top."

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I love Heroes.And if sylar can't heal his mind then its lame. And Nathan shouldn't really die.


I thought it was a very interesting finale, and I would love to see where it goes. Two more weeks til we find out. I love Nathan and Sylar, so I hope they find a way to keep them both on the show... without being ridiculous about it. And I saw that "Heroes sucks." comment, if you're just going to be negative, why the hell do you bother commenting?


Chris: It makes sense if you think about it first off Pete was not brainwashed by a Phycic like Matt. Secondly he was not forced to think he was someone else. ANd thridly he had to have someone tell him to heal his memories other wise he would not have known it possible. Since no one wants Sylar back we have to assume no one has told him he can heal his memories and since he thinks he is Nathan he would not even feel the need to try. Also that arc just started for all we know Sylar might do just that. Part of Sylar's Conciousness it seems became trapped in Matt's Mind as he tells Matt (in a clip from next season) that he wants his body back. I am guessing he might try and force Matt to reverse the hocus pokus he did.


Skip: You have to remember that in the case of Noa her blood was allready taken so it was just used in that sense. Also She had no idea her father was killed the only people who know that Nathan is actually Sylar brainwashed are Angela, Noa and Matt aside from that everyone else thinks he survived the battle.


Oh, and sorry for double posting but I think it would be kinda cool if there was another eclipse in the season and Nathan changed back into Sylar. That would be freaky I think. Not sayin it will happen but as a "what if" scenario. He just wakes up lookin like him or somethin.


The Haitians power is different from Matts anyway so that might be a factor as too why he wouldn't just instantly remember. Regardless Sylar has proven in eps time and time again he is just too powerful so he will have to resurface. I'd be surprised if he wouldn't resurface in the premiere ep or why it would take 6 weeks. All those powers he has. Something would have to get electrocuted or fly off the shelves, etc.




Well, he have to.. He kind a found his anchor, in the volume 5 sneakpeak... Mabye he is playing or, mabye not. If he cant heal his memories, then his power dosent work at all, like peter and claire´s healing power, wich would make absoutley no sence.. Well, he have to be back, he is paitent zero-zylar-gabriel grey-boogeyman, and now its all lost... OMFG, come on guys..


Well this dosent make any, and i mean any sence anymore.. If Sylar cant heal his own memories, as peter did, when the haitain erased his memories. Peter was told by adam, to think of what means most to him, and it worked, as for sylar, it have to be his mother, like in the episode "i am sylar" And if Sylar, dosent really come back, pretty much waste of time. Dont think any sylar fans, expect that, so hope it dosent turn out to be as lame as lost did...


Causal opinion Nathansylar Nathansylar < peter Nathan & peter 8====D Sylar But one of the petrellis dies Definitively.

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