Heroes Spoilers: The Posssible, Quasi Return of Daphne

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Sorry, Daphne lovers. But the speedster is dead.

Totally, absolutely, completely dead.

But does this mean we've seen the last of Brea Grant on the show? Producers are leaving open a bit of wiggle room. They recently told TV Guide:

"Since Heroes sometimes tells stories in a non-linear way, you shouldn't bet on never seeing her again."

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RIP, Daphne.

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Daphne was hot. Bring her back in a bikini!


what's with all the hate for daphne??
i really liked her character
wish they hadn't killed her off >_


Daphne should stay dead... her character sucked. The best scene she was in was when she was gunned down and died of septic shock. Oh and when she was on her crutches, god i wanted to kick those out from under her so bad.


Misspelled 'emotional' there *whoops*


@ F.D. It was the Heroes cast and crew who labelled her a nemesis and played up that angle long before the series screened. It's one thing Hiro calling her it (she did bug him) but for them to act like she was actually an enemy for him was stupid, she was nothing more than someone who got in his way a few times. Adam was his nemesis, they were actually enemies (even though Hiro wanted Adam to be redeemed he pretty much knew it wouldn't happen after he'd killed his father and knew he couldn't forgive him for it).
I agree with Kellan, I miss the dead characters (I really miss DL for example) but don't need them all to return, it ruins the integrity of the show and belittles our emotonal response when we have believed we've lost them forever (brief flashbacks is one thing but they must stay dead).


Probably Matt doing Mind tricks just like how Maury made Daphne see Linderman.


Kaito finds a way keep returning on the show even though he's dead. I'm sure they'll find an excuse for Daphne. What would be an amazing accomplishment is finding a way to get Caitlin shown on the show again after she was left in an alternate future lol. Kudos to the writers if they have already thought of a way of doing that.


What's with this actor recycling? She's dead than so be it.


@Sezza80 I think Hiro named her his nemesis because she managed to escape and embarrass him even though he stopped time to catch her.


Perhaps Matt will evolve his power even more and be able to interact with the dead via a dream-like sequence.

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