Lost Clips: "The Variable"

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On Wednesday's episode of Lost, "The Variable," Daniel Faraday definitely takes the focus of the episode.  We have three clips from the upcoming episode.

In the first clip, Faraday talks to Jack about how he wasn't supposed to return to the Island and how his mother tricked Jack.  Watch below.

[video url="/videos/the-variable-clip-1/" title="The Variable Clip 1"][/video]

In the second clip, Faraday goes back in time to warn Dr. Chang about a doomsday scenario.  The clip is after the jump.

[video url="/videos/the-variable-clip-2/" title="The Variable Clip 2"][/video]

In the final clip, Juliet and Sawyer try and figure out if they can trust each other again as they prepare to head to the beach.

[video url="/videos/the-variable-clip-3/" title="The Variable Clip 3"][/video]

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Locke: Don't you want them to come back? Don't you want her to come back?
Sawyer: Doesn't matter what I want.

What did he say to make you such a believer?

Ben [to Jack]