Major Heroes Spoiler: Sylar Strikes!

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Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly certainly knows how to make a simple, significant point.

When asked in this week's column what happens on the third season finale of Heroes, Ausiello writes:

Sylar kills a regular Hero that's been on the show since Season 1. And it sticks.

A True Monster

Sylar will strike again before this season concludes. Who do you think he'll kill?

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They kill peter and change the title for THE SYLAS CHRONICLES


Remember that spoiler that told us that 2 significant female characters were going to be killed off by the end of the volume? Well Daphne is already dead, which leaves one left so I'm gonna say either Sandra or Angela.
I dont think they would kill off a major like Claire or Peter.


its in a magazine interview that peter is the one who dies at the end of this season


What is its Tracy, Ali has been on the show since season 1. I also like the idea about Micah. Sylar controlling technology bids well for Denko and the government. I think Sylar will kill Denko and resume his identity for a while before moving on to one of the heroes.


how about Sylar kills Angela and then all the Heroes team up and kill Sylar????


i love peter's character...please give him his powers back.


If we consider all the future scenes will come true, then it will be nathan to die. This fits well for both "nathan shaped sylar becomes president" future and "ando kills hero" future. We have seen ando kills hiro but what if what we have seen as hiro in that scene is sylar.


i think baby parkman wil shut down sylars power or at leats take some power away


Angela is my first guess. Claire's mom is another good choice. Sylar could torture her for information, and she could be strong enough to hold out. Micah is another good choice. He doesn't have a large role on the show, and it would serve to make Peter swear to hunt and kill Sylar. Mohinder is another possibility. I don't think it will be Nathan. They have tried too hard to make everyone hate Nathan. Maybe Baby Parkman can take Nathan's powers from him. HRG is too good of a character, he could restart Primatech and aid the Heroes. I don't think it will be Ando, he was in the future super-charging Hiro to save the world again. Whoever it is, I'm sure it will be a good show.


I think we need to realize one thing as heroes fanatics....sylar will kill anyone, and the writers will prove that...Peter and Sylar will eventually A) fight till the finish to end the series, or B) fight together to finish all evil that being said it will not be Peter. I like the synopsis that all have said, and that it will be nathan or there characters have taken a downturn, and killing angela makes sense to leave the viewers hanging on what the heck this military camp thing is......i cannot wait to see what happens, but i also can wait..because i do not want it to end....All our luck NBC will strike again, and cancel the show just when all is at its pivetal las vegas. I hope sylar kills, but lets make it intersting, and keep the timeline correct, and when the heck does peter get that scar on his face like the future peter?? i guess that may happen soon in an epic struggle?

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