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As we saw in yesterday's photo gallery, Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford are all filming scenes for the show this week. Here's a cute photo of Blake and Leighton (as Blair and Serena) huddling up:

Serena and Blair on the Steps

Click below to enlarge lots more photos of the Gossip Girl cast on the New York City set. Is that Nate and Blair in a horse-drawn carriage? What do you think is going on in all these photos? Comment away with your thoughts and theories!

In Love with Leighton
Bright Blake
Nate and Chuck Converse
Rehearsing the Scene
Serious Ed
Old Friends
A Romantic Ride?
Lively and Meester
Horse-Drawn Carriage

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Based on the pictures, I think Nate and Blair are having problems... Oh no! I so love them together.


here is MY version of the prom eppy: Chuck is getting punch, but is also spiking it ( there can't be a prom if chuck doesn't spike the punch )
Nate is behind him unaware of what chuck is doing, chuck is turning around to get back to the dance floor but his sleeve is caught on something- noooo! It's caught on blair's heart pin which Nate is wearing.
chuck gets extremely depressed when he sees this because he never got to wear it.
Nate drinks the punch and is beginning to feel the effects. What do you think???


I read somewhere too, that Blair will end up alone.
But I do hope it will be Nate and Blair in the end, though.
Chuck is just being Chuck,
When will he grow up? By the time he is, Blair is just too tired of waiting.
And the princess deserves her prince. xoxo


private schools in the Upper East Side of Manhattan do not have proms.


Are they waiting for a cab? I don't get it. "Stranded on the Upper East Side..."


I thought I read somewhere that Blair chooses to be alone? So maybe she does, and then eventually she reconnects with Chuck by the finale? Perhaps Nate tries to take her in this romantic carriage ride, but they both realize its not right, as much as it seems right, it just doesn't feel right. But I wonder if anything happens with her and Chuck at the prom, or if they just stay away from each other. Personally, I don't even think this show needs a prom episode. They act so grown up, it doesn't even seem like prom is something they even need to do.


M.C, he better be ready after 2 seasons!


AGHHHHHH go to it says that NATE and JENNY are making out! this is the official cw sight, so it must be true!


I wouldn't be surprised that the season ends with Blair having to make a choice between Nate or Chuck and it will end without her decision. She realizes Nate is safe and comfortable but no fireworks. She has fireworks with Chuck but being with him hurts. Maybe she decides to be by herself and lets Chuck and Nate reconnect as friends. However, I would like to see Chuck and Blair have an actual real romance in Season 3! Is Chuck finally ready????


Oh damn I hope Nair isn't always together during the entire episode. I don't want to fall asleep during the prom!! Thankfully I see Blair with Serena so I can enjoy her for a little while.


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