Private Practice Spoilers: Seaon Finale Chaos!

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We have a pressing update on the Private Practice season finale.

According to Zap2It, fans might need to prepare for extreme frustration.

For starters, the identity of Violet's baby daddy will NOT be revealed during the April 30 episode.

That's far from all, however.

Push, Violet!

As previously reported, former Oceanside Wellness patient Katie (Amanda Foreman) will appear on the show. And she'll be seeking serious revenge.

Sources say she blames Violet for her unsuccessful pregnancy and will hold the doctor hostage, demanding that she hand her baby over as payback. Whoa.

What do you think of this storyline? Exciting and suspenseful? Or straining the bounds of credulity?

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Watched this episode last night. It was really over the top. Very dark. If I wanted that dark I would watch Dexter. I thought this was supposed to be sexy doctor show. Nothing sexy about a sicko cutting a baby out of someone's womb. Couldn't you think of any better cliff hanger???????????????


Whyy is pp getting soo crazy all of a sudden?this isnt Greys?ugh i really dont like that krazy katie coming back...and violet's baby being taken.=(i really want them to find her son before the episode is be fine probably not knowing who the father is, if they end it with the baby safely back in violet's arms.


Is she actually going to take Violet's baby??? Is that why we won't learn who the father is? I will be so pissed if season three starts and Violet has no baby because he was kidnapped and they have to find him. I love Violet and Pete! And it's bad enough that the crazy lady is after her, we won't learn who the father is, then I've read that she gets shot, and to top it all off her baby might be taken?? Not cool...Shonda needs to spread some of that misfortune around instead of sticking it all on one character. The baby as pay back is cruel and too much.

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