Robert and Kitty: Headed for Splittsville on Brothers & Sisters?

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Is the proverbial writing on the wall for Kitty and Robert on Brothers & Sisters?

According to E! Online, Alec (guest star Matt Letscher) will soon ask for Kitty's help while looking for a new home.

This experience of looking at houses will show Kitty just what she's missing, and only gets worse from there: when Alec and Kitty get into a car accident, Robert discovers his wife's emotional affair.

Brothers & Sisters returns with a new episode, "S3X" on April 19.

Growing Apart

Kitty and Robert have continued to grow apart this season.

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Oh you people - this is just a show - BUT if she wants to have an emotional affair get rid of Robert first. She should be left in Mexico!! She is not worthy of a gorgeous ambitious man like Robert - she knew what she was marrying and she is selfish and a self rightous wench!!


also the guy who played alec is hot


get back with robert, they make the show what it is rob lowe is hot


I know exactly what you're saying, wtf!!!! Belinda "dear", chill out. Who are you to spew your dislike of others and what you "can't" stand that people do or don't do. As if you're perfect.


Unbelievable!!! Matt Lescher is a fantastic actor, I've been following his career for years. With that said, I want him gone after this season. Maybe he can stay for a few episodes in the upcoming season but after that it's time to go. Rob Lowe is the man!! All I can say is, if Kitty can commit adultery...why can't Robert? Two can play that game! Just because friction surfaces in a marriage doesn't justify cheating...PERIOD!!! They just had Evan and now this happens. I can see a long drawn out custody battle in the near future.


ermm belinda, you know brothers and sisters is a fictional show right?? because the way you are talking about it makes me think you could be slightly messed up and be thinking its real. if you do think its real maybe you should speak to a professional therapist or someone! and also people are allowed to have their own opinions so dont beat them down by leaving a big long lecture about how they are wrong!!!!


It's funny how people can justify the affair just because Robert's a "jerk". Why not just go make cheating a legal thing just because you suddenly don't like the person you're marrying to. Do people not realize just how weak the arguement "he's a jerk" is? Yes Robert is way too ambitious and career-driven, but at least when in a marriage he is committed, he does not cheat. Robert is not a perfect man, he never claimed to be, but that does not excuse Kitty having an emotional affair with another man while her husband is trying to talk with her. I can't say how much I hate wishy-washy people who whine about how their life is not turning out the way they want. Kitty knew what she was getting into when she married Robert, she knew he was driven and ambitious. She jumped into this with her eyes both wide open and now at the sign of trouble she is balking. So much for her marriage vows, in sickness and in health. Robert isn't completely recovered yet, and this is the exact kind of stress that he doesn't need, things like this could easily give him a setback and have another heartattack. I'm not saying she can't be friends with Alec, but at least be honest with her husband about it instead having a moment here and there like some silly schoolgirl. Does Robert have messed up priorities? Sure he does. But he is committed to his marriage and does not cheat emotionally or otherwise. In fact, he is trying to get Kitty to talk it out with him and try to figure things out together. Robert is a flawed character, he has his faults, but he also has his good moments, like when he was 17 and his cheating girlfriend got pregnant and he convinced her to have the baby and helped her get settled. That shows there is true care and love in his character. If Kitty wants to go have some crazy affair with Alec, then at least have the decency to get a divorce and tell it to Robert's face instead of hiding it. As much as I hate people who cheat, I hate people who lie and pretend nothing is happening even more! Right now, Robert's not the one with the messed up priorities.


Can I just say I love the affair. Robert is all becomin something i don't like to see in a man...especially a husband. he never puts kitty first and only thinks of his career. I love matt lescher and he's great as alec....keep him on just a little longer for me!


They have grown apart, and for a good reason...Robert has been a big fat jerk this season. I wouldn't put up with his crap. GET RID OF HIM KITTY!!!!

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