Taylor Momsen is Pretty in Hot Pink

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Holy hot pink! Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen made quite an entrance as she arrived at a special dinner reception at Balthazars for the launch of Topshop/Topman in Manhattan, rocking a leather jacket, hot pink skirt and matching lipstick.

The 15-year-old (!) actress and model certainly has a flair for fashion, always keeping us on our toes. What do you think of her latest ensemble? Check it out below:

Hot Pink Taylor!

Taylor Momsen makes an eye-popping fashion statement. [Photo: Splash News]

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she looks like shit.


The outfit is ok but the hair makes me want to barf


The last person 15 year old who dressed like this was Jodie Foster in "Taxi Cab". She played a 14 year old prostitute.


...she's not Miley Cyrus.


aaaaaaaaaahh, will everyone stop it already?? people are always complaining about how young she is, and OMG you can't dress like that if you're only fifteen. GOOOSH. You are not THAT young and innocent when you are fifteen. It's part of being a teenager to dress like that. She's not a catholic-schoolgirl for cryin out loud.


she looks amazing (l)


She looks like a hooker ready to go into rehab!
Doesn't this girl have parents???!!


I actually really like this outfit, just not the tights, and her hair!


Now thats a bright skirt! I think taylor looks pretty.


Apparently heroin affects your fashion choices. FYI: That color looks uber yuck, replace.

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