The Mentalist Creator Spills Season Finale Secrets

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As the first season of The Mentalist comes to a close, fans of the number-one new series on TV want to know:

Will Patrick Jane capture Red John over the next few weeks?

Simply put: no, he won't.

Red John's Nemesis

But show creator Bruno Heller told E! Online that Alicia Witt guest stars in the season finale (with a "brilliant, moving and profound performance") as a "woman who has had a relationship with Red John."

The CBI discovers this fact during the course of its investigation of the serial killer that took out Jane's family.

"They hope she's going to be the key to finding Red John," said Heller. "It turns out... that she can't."

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I had something to say to redjohn, i what him to stop killing inncent people and dont do this patrick. he though enough,he will put his family death behide him and put redjohn way for good, thanks.


I heard about patrick jane's famliy and i know feeling and iam felt bad for him, please look after him and be there for him,he will catching redjohn no matter what. he will find payback on redjohn, thanks.


I had few words about redjohn and catching him was hard and next thing he will hide and going to his hangouts wait see what happen next or stop him before kills again, thanks.

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