The Tuesday A.M. Gossip Girl Reality Scale

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New York Magazine offers an arbitrary, yet humorous and insightful analysis of each week's Gossip Girl the next morning. Below are some of their thoughts on "A Southern Gentleman Prefers Blondes." Comment and add your own ...

  • Serena is naive and entitled enough to believe that running away with your friend's boyfriend is okay as long as you are truly in love, and also to have the temerity to claim friendship with and love for said friend after committing such an act. Women like this totally exist, so Plus 8. But if someone pulled this kind of crap on The Hills, they'd get slapped ten ways 'til Tuesday.
  • We will never, ever, ever get over Chuck and Nate playing basketball on Chrystie Street, just south of Houston. There is not one explanation for why they would play there and not in some private club. Minus 3, because honestly. It must have been awkward for them to even film there.
  • Vanessa is clearly tormented, and her horror is visceral, real, and needs to be addressed. She stutters to Dan that she needs to tell him something because it would be "good to talk about." Then she realizes, no, it's too horrifying to say aloud without the aid of alcohol. Which she does, taking an extra step by turning it into an "I Never" game, and chugging the beer immediately after each dire revelation, as much to cover her face as to dull the pain. We can relate. Plus 7.
  • Lily signs on to Gabriel's investment opportunity after a three-minute presentation, and Serena effuses that "everyone" in the co-op will sign on hence, since an endorsement from Lily van der Woodsen is "golden." Minus 5.
  • Plus 10 for Blair and Chuck sleeping in the limo and holding hands. And then simultaneously checking their hair at the moment they wake up.

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the only thing vanessa is upset about is that she is not still with chuck.


I loved the whole episode, but Chuck is making me sick. Or forget Blair, or just go for Blair. But don't stay in the middle of it.


I do love me some Chuck, but, seriously, what the heck was he doing with the ball while playing basketball?! He was doing this shakey-rolly thing with it, God, that was awkward. He frikin' owns Bass Industries, they should be shooting some hoops in a private gym or something, but this court does look like the court in S1...




This epsisode was better than getting a discount at my favorite store. But I think the OMJC t-shirts should have gotten a few points... as well as the reunion of Chair.

Ilovebassboy x

Chair = plus a million


Matt- what is "unrealistic" about chuck and blair asleep in the limo? i get it if you are not a chair fan and don't like them together, but unrealistic? i am confused. only -5 for the investment enthusiasm? that has got to be at least -20. at a building coop meeting? yeah right. and -10 for dan's hangover after splitting a six-pack with a girl. sack up dude.


Minus -15 for the Chuck and Blair storyline. Please got them back together!


Nate and Chuck playing basketball period was cringeworthy.


Minus 10 for Chuck and Blair. C'mon...


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