"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview #2

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Yesterday, we posted a sneak preview of Chuck and Nate talking about their respective feelings for Blair in Monday's upcoming Gossip Girl episode, "The Wrath of Con."

Switching gears in this new sneak peek, Jenny helps Rufus with his surprise marriage proposal by giving him a pep talk, and then by distracting Lily. It's pretty cute.

Take a look below and post your comments!

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-wrath-of-con-sneak-preview-2/" title="The Wrath of Con Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

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one more point to make... sorry they have been divided into three segregated sections, but i just keep re-reading your post to me and can't help but feel the need to correct you.... pet peeve of mine. so old and 4 months.... wow. what unit of measurement are you using to determine this statement. is a year a lifetime for you??? and another thing about jenny just plain sucking. the remains of j is a perfect example. she completely screwed serena over by inviting all the crashers and then not fessing up to the mess. what a bitch. get your facts as well as your definitions straight, rawrr. this has been a completely frustrating interaction because of your lack of attention to detail.


btw rawrr get a dictionary... you had that definition completely wrong! hahaha


dearest rawrr (??) I looked as deeply into the characters as I pleased. To be quite frank, I do not like Taylor Momsens interpretation of Jenny Humphrey at all nor the shows insistence on creating these sappy and incredibly boring moments between these two characters. i do not receive any intuitive vibes from jenny at all... all i hear, as some guest said before, are "trite cliches that everyone has heard a million times." and as for schooling, that is important because things sometimes fall through... like with that crazy model bitch (everyone needs a back-up plan and a degree is helpful). her lack of attention on that "minor" detail curtails any form of intuition (DEFINITION: A KEEN AND QUICK INSIGHT). while she may be able to see through the already transparent lives of lily and rufus... i mean, who CANT?! there's nothing special about this clip or this character. i've spoken my piece. hah.


Funny, if they get married, half of the cast's gonna be in one family: Lily, Rufus, Jenny, Eric, Serena, Dan and Chuck... We should add Blair as a wife for Chuck, just to make it even bigger^^


RUFUS got SOOOOO boring ever since he stared dating lily. he's pretty much lost all his manliness and he's just become lily's bitch. BLAIR & NATE 4ever!


Since when did Lil' J become insightful and romantic? Did I miss something?


Ella i think you missed the point. Intuitive doesn't mean you have never made mistakes in life. it means you give good advice and have good life skills because you grew from those mistakes. so yes, Jenny is intuitive. plus, if you are doing a fashion course going to school is pointless. most fashion people drop out at year 10, get an intership and go up from there. what good would finishing high school do for a course like that? as for crazy jenny, DUH so old! have you been watching? that was like 4 months ago when the stuff you were saying happened. did you watch remains of the J? i don't think you looked very deep into the characters...


ehehe i cant wait, i love jenny!


this scene is super disappointing and nearly constitutes epic fail. boring and sappy, features rufus (gross!) and the stuff jenny is saying is trite cliches that everyone has heard a million times. please, no more of this! no more wise jenny, no more 'cute' rufus, no more lily van der preggers. whoever said get these idiots off the screen and show blair and chuck 9or even nate) had it right.


You have to give it to Jenny. Despite the fact that she gets herself into hot water a lot, she's always really smart when giving advice to others. Vanessa, Dan, now her Dad.

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