90210 Round Table: "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer"

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Welcome to this week's edition of the 90210 Round Table!

After most episodes, our staff tackles a handful of questions about the latest installment. We go back and forth regarding event from each hour, which, in this case, means it's time to focus on the season one finale.

Topics for this version include Annie's accident, Liam's future, Adrianna's baby and more...

Who did Annie hit with her car?
BrendaLova: It's gotta be Ethan. Dustin Milligan isn't returning next season anyway.

The Real McKay: Dixon. He was pissed about Silver, left in a huff and got run over by his sister. Makes for a great storyline heading into season two!

Wild4Wilds: Ty. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. The jerk has to go!

90210 RT

Will we see Liam again?
The Real McKay: Yes. But he'll be very different from before. The sarcasm will be replaced with the seriousness of someone that's been to military school.

Wild4Wilds: Not for awhile. Like around September, I'd say.

BrendaLova: Since I'm the one who spoke to Matt Lanter, and he confirmed his status as a series regular, I'm gonna say yes.

Is this the last we've seen of Adrianna's baby?
Wild4Wilds: Yes. Looks like everyone was wrong and she wasn't adopted by Brenda. So I can't imagine why she'd ever make an appearance again.

BrendaLova: Let's hope so, for Adrianna's sake. It was a tough decision, but now she must move on. Seeing her daughter often would hamper any personal growth or progress.

The Real McKay: Not if the show is on for many years. I can see it going the quasi Gossip Girl route and introducing a previously-adopted kid down the line.

What was your favorite storyline from season one?

BrendaLova: The use of Jen Clarke. A good show needs a good bitch... and we definitely have one here!

The Real McKay: The return of Beverly Hills, 90210 favorites. Sorry, I'm just a sucker for Donna, Brenda and company!

Wild4Wilds: The Adrianna pregnancy. Jessica Lowndes began the season as a recurring character, and ended it as the best actress on the show. She knocked this storyline out of the park!

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it was donna's license plate in the original 90210. 2WAQ233. it was on the z3 bmw from the old show. so the car has to be donna


I know who did Annie hit with the car! It's Rhonda! XD LOL


I think Annie hit Dixon - I think it's going to mess her up really bad. I agree that the Biological Son and Jen Clark storylines are AWFUL! Also anyone notice how Naomi's mom disappeared after the biological son thing because she was so broken up that she lost her money yadda yadda. Ethan is supposed to ocme back for a few episodes to tie up loose ends, but I think what happens is he does the whole visiting his dad thing and decides to stay with his dad. Adrianna already regrets giving up the baby you can tell, so Ithink that will come back up somewhere along the lines. Of course we will see Liam again is a regular now, someone will get him out of Military school, probably Harry and Kelly, he'll end up living with the Wilsons or something crazy like that, or with Kelly and something will happen between him and Silver. That boy will get with everyone - that's my prediction. The shot was to show the bumper sticker not the license plate - and I think it's going to be someone driving that we least expect, or as someone else said - a new character.


i dont think she hit a person.. i think it's was like an animal or something like that not to serius or dangerous but the hint here is the car following annie maybe is a way to introducing a new character and it's a male u can see the driver and it's a male


I think Annie Hit Ethan..And i think its gonna be him because after all of what happened with him, Dixon and Silver he has a lot of things to give us on the show..But because he is not returning in Season Two what i believe is that he's dead..


Zedd - I think the point of that shot was the bumper sticker for West Bev Hill High School. I could be wrong, but someone came up on the scene that's at the HS that could identify Annie. My opinion: roots of a blackmail type storyline for Annie next season. Someone saw her flee the scene, will hold it against her to blackmail her, she will be conflicted as to whether or not to give in to blackmail or fess up to what she did.


Annie probably hit Dixon right? He was really upset, he could have been there... But who was following her? Ethan?
Liam is so cool, hope they get back on w Naomi and also they should bring a hot new guy for Silver if Ethan leaves :)


pls make adriana regret what she did!!!!


yeh i was thinking with would be Brandon or Dillion or someone!


That's what I want to know Zedd. Possibly an original cast member???

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