Bethenny Frankel Blogs About The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Take One!

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It takes a Real Housewife to analyze a series of new, Real Housewives.

With that in mind, Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York has started a blog that will detail the happenings across the bridge on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The screen is yours, Bethenny...

Teresa seems simple and sweet from the start. She's a flat-chested amateur stage mother with a "built," "gorgeous" husband in construction. Perfect. Let the clich├ęs begin. Her daughter is beautiful and adorable. Over $100K on that horrific furniture? What would Jill Zarin say?

I actually think Dina is very pretty and very attractive. She has a cuteness to her. Daughter Lexi also seems quirky and interesting. We hear Dina talk about her never-present husband of three years. Here's a theme reminiscent of my Countess/Count days.

Bethenny Frankel Pic

Also, Dina is a cat person, and I oddly like that she has that bizarre looking feline. Her decor is something for the books. More is more in Jersey, that's for sure: hair, nails, cars and over-the-top gaudy furniture. Got it.

I love Caroline and, oh yes, she is a throwback. She will be the sure favorite. Everyone likes old school, especially the Bravo viewer who isn't familiar with this Italian, family-style way of living.

The lingo, the houses, the Brownstone, the whole thing. I get it. I've seen it and it is real. All we want is real, and on Bravo, honesty is the best policy.

Jacqueline from Vegas (what was her prior profession, by the way?) is sweet and simple and also lives for her kids. I'm not sure why anyone was surprised that she doesn't play tennis except for that big rack-et of hers.

I loved those cute balloon cupcakes for the birthday party. Her daughter Ashley seems spoiled but nice too. Major theme: family.
The Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast

And now for the hottest mess since one of Christian Siriano's victims: Danielle. WTF? Um, embrace your age. I'm embarrassed that at 30 I had a belly ring, but this is past pushing it. No one light a match near this one. Can you say cougar? Twenty engagements? She's me on steroids. So you had a black Amex before Madonna?

How does one get this information? How do I even begin with this tragic human being? I'll give her this: She is being herself and the viewers will be drawn to her like flies to sticky paper.

People watch train wrecks, and my dear, we have a winner. People are going to kill me, but this girl is the poor man's LuAnn.

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Oh please bethenny, you have it twisted. Teresa of rhonj is a needy, old, fugly, dumb,pathetic, copycatter, and etc. She is destroying her kids. And all for money. They all need to b replaced. They have peaked as far as their story line. All they have left is more fighting where someone is going to kill one of the others. Bravo don't you think it's time to let them go before that happens.there are plenty of other families out there that are better for us viewers. Amen! !


bethenny shows her arse at a book signing! Picture is on the internet. she has lost her grip. Tasteless and yucky


I'm so disappointed! Having heard a little bit of Bethenny on the Today Show, I was excited that she had written about the RHofNJ. My sister and I have been trying to figure out what made Theresa blow and I was sure Bethenny would address the question as well. But no. This blog could have been written five minutes into the first show, exhibiting no insight, just a reaction. Ugh. For the record, my sister thinks that Danielle announces that she slept with Theresa's husband. But I really don't think Danielle would do that -- unless it was very long ago and that wouldn't (or shouldn't) make Theresa respond like that. I think Danielle's ex-baby boyfriend told her something about T's H.(I can't remember his name)More likely about his criminal activities than sexual activities -- but I wouldn't rule sex out completely.


Bethenny is an idiot, as are all the 'Real Housewives,' I mean come on! Her insights into the NJ cast are ... yawn. (witty? please.) Besides, I can't imagine that viewers with half a brain think any of these women are who they try to portray themselves to be on these 'Real Housewives' shows anyway. It's pure entertainment, not reality. And I can only guess that the Bravo producers cast these shows this way in order to ensure that the women in the audience feel superior to these female caricatures ... I know I certainly do! Incidentally, I also like to point out to my husband how lucky he is to have avoided ending up with a woman like ... Bethenny, Tamra, Vicki, Danielle, Ramona, Kelly, Jill, Dina, Teresa, Jacqueline, Jill - you get the picture!


Bethenny is a hoot! I totally get her sardonic sense of humor. Bethenny makes fun of herself every bit as much as she does of the others, she doesn't take it so seriously. She calls a spade a spade, and that's refreshing.


Jill should write this. Bethenny is doing a live chat on Fancast tomorrow (5/20/09) at 2pm EST. Feel free to ask her anything!


Can someone please stop perpetuating the idea that this woman is some authority to be quoted? Although she is applauded for her quick wit-I applaud those that think before they speak. Hypocrite. Her comments are often below the belt and when a really good jab is sent her way she crumbles like her cardboard muffins. No Bethenny, you don't get to pull the sympathy card if you throw rocks at the cemetery. Shame on you. Grow up and stop whining because people ignore you. THAT IS THEIR RIGHT! Go bake some good manners and see if they rise.


Why does anyone think Bethenny is funny. I think she is witless and ugly on the inside.


Real Housewives of NJ Quotes

We need to get you a bling-bling pacifier.


At the last minute I was packing my makeup case and jewelry. You know, last minute things if you're going to go to the hospital.