Cheryl Burke Dishes on Dancing Competition, Gilles Marini Shirtless

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As Dancing with the Stars shakes and moves into the final few weeks, Cheryl Burke stands a good chance at earning yet another crystal trophy.

The professional spoke to TV Guide this week about the competitive season, along with the possibility of viewers seeing partner Gilles Marini shirtless again...

On the competition: I think this season's tough because there's no clear front-runner. It's exciting because it can be anyone's game and we're all putting in a lot of work. At the end, I think it'll really be a true victory for any of these celebrities. He and I work a lot of hours during the day, so we're trying our hardest to come out there and do the best we can.

On Marini stripping down again: I think we're going to cool it for a little bit. If we make it to the finale, then maybe we'll do it one more time. But I think it's working so far!

Gilles and Cheryl

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can anyone PLEASE tell me why Kelly Monaco is in the finals while great dancers have been voted off- ewwwwwwwwwwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i am satisfied that i did not watch the finale tonight; however, i watched jennifer's and kyle's finale on u tube;everyone is surprise that in the 11 seasons, i did not watch this show for the first time and if it continues being a rigged show then i just watch something that is more constructive!


at first i didn't want some of the pros to leave the show, but now i do hope and wish that mark, derek, cheryl and max leave and find a genuine show to perform. This show is not for them because it is such a phony show. Dancing with the stars should be called a prejudice show, not a reality show!


i have been following the show but sadly to say as from last night i realized that i won't be watching the finals next week and so are alot of viewers. I had read where it was rigged so if i were you all, i will not have a final dance; i would just give the mirror ball to Bristol because after all she is SARAH'S daughter! Tony and his stupid comment last night about viewers voting-please!do you think we are so niave? as I said I will hear about the winner but not see! WHAT A RIGGED AND SHAM SHOW-HOW DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!


i am so sad that edyta has quit the show, dancing with the stars; julianne has gone, now edyta; pleas derek, mark, cheryl and max DON'T LEAVE TOO!


if i didn't know better, i would say that len is prejudiced against maya; i mean, what is he expecting of her? she is a very good dancer and he knows it; probably, thinks she may win which he doesn't want. too bad len-carrie-ann, i always admire your dress and your hairstyle but monday's hairstyle was 'whoa"- not suited for your face-your stylist should know better, sorry


my most memorable and enjoyable season was season 6; i loved all the contestants and the pros were terrific,to put it mildly.I truly love edyta, karina, cheryl,julianne,mark and my most,most favourite dancer,deryck. These dancers are awesome- i watch them on utube ALL THE TIME!what can i say about the season 6 group dance?I watch it repeatedly; it's too beautiful- i'm impressed with c.perry- deryck i can't stop looking at your moves-and did u see cheryl's exercise moves,wow!my #1 season but i love to see those pros,they are PROS!


I will never, never watch dancing with the stars anymore. It's a bloody shame that the winner, gilles did not take the trophy home. I have never missed a show but the end has come for me now. The show is fixed and i will not accept the fact that gilles did not get the trophy. Right now i'm too pissed to even think i kept looking at the show religiously. SHAME ON THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a BIG fan of both derek, julianne and mark. i have been looking at the show without missing a single night but if these 3 leave then what? They are the ones who can dance!


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