Gossip Girl Caption Contest 53

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans, to the 53rd Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our fun Friday feature. As always, you all make it very difficult to choose among these awesome submissions. But we must, and this week's winner is kailey. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to HookaBass, kialove978, and shadow243.

Thanks for playing, Gossip Girl fanatics, and best of luck again this week...

Graduation Day

Serena: I can't believe I'm finally graduating.
Blair: Neither can I, can you even read?

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Gossip Girl: Is this the end of our fabulous love-hate relationship with our fashionable duo? They seem to think so. Don't you know B and S that your predictions are like your initials - total BS.


Serena: So they've fallen for it?
Blair: Yeah most girls are really taking the tassle of their cap right now.
Serena: I can't believe they think it's cool.
Blair: I told you they will copy you with everything.
Serena: Yeah you won *laughs* OMG check out Penelope's hair that tassle looks so bad on her.
Blair: *Laughs* This is way better that winning, look at her xD


Blair: I can't believe you're wearing a sky blue dress with forest green.
Serena: Hey! They're both a part of nature.


Blair: How do i look?
Serena: Hey you look great as always.
Blair: Just wait till tommorrow.
Serena: Why?
Balir: Cause i get better looking everday!!!


Serena: No more gossip girl, no more boys and no more high school!
Blair: That's great but this school will never be the same without you being the star on gossip girl.
Serena: What do you mean B?
Blair: let's just say that this school will be just another prep school without you.
* Gossip Girl* It seems like B & S thinks its over but not just yet. Constance will not see the last of B & S


Blair: Sweetie, why are you wearing your tassel like some pathetic fake hair extensions?
Serena: Well, it's not like they're actually going to let me graduate, so why bother wearing that hideous cap?


Blair: Serena, stop smiling. You look like a deranged circus clown.
Serena: I can't help it. I had Rufus' chili this morning and I can feel it going down!!


Blair: S, give it to me straight.
Serena: Calm down B. Nothing can ruin this day.
Blair: It's not that.
Serena: Is it Chuck? He loves you. He's crazy about you.
Blair: No, its not that either.
Serena: NYU? You'll be great B! NYU would be honored to have you.
Blair. Nah...not that..
Serena: Then what is it?
Blair: Do I have something stuck in between my teeth???


Serena: I still can't believe I was in jail.
Blair: And I still can't believe you came out of it legally blonde.


Serena: Blair! I just realized... Green is so your color!
Blair: I know! I was thinking it was... So I totally bribed Headmistress Queller. She wanted to go with blue... But I told her green suited us all better.
Serena: But Blair, blue is my color!
Blair: Serena, Serena. We can't always get what we want.

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